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Welcome to American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), a private university based on American educational principles. We are located in the heart of the growing Balkan and South-eastern European economies. The University promotes the idea of an American system of education and encourages the free exchange of ideas and open interaction within its diverse student body.

At all faculties of AUBiH, higher education is acquired through regular and distance learning lectures. Studies at AUBiH are based on accredited study programs and are developed in accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) rules of studying. They are also in accordance with programs of similar universities in the U.S. Furthermore, our classes are recorded and AUBiH students are encouraged to go through them at least once in order to enhance their learning process.

AUBiH consists of eight faculties: College of Economics, College of Information Technology, College of Engineering, College of Law, College of International Relations and Diplomacy, College of Security and Defense, College of Industrial Technology and American Academy of Modern Arts. AUBiH offers all three cycles of education, i.e. undergraduate studies degrees (240 ECTS or 120 US credits earned), graduate studies degrees (Master’s level) and doctoral studies degrees (PhD earned). In addition to the diploma, a diploma supplement is issued. Both documents are public and are issued in Bosnian, as well as the English language.

Prestigious academic staff at AUBiH, educated at the best universities, comes from the United States and European countries. Guided with the desire to help the region overcome its dark past, and to set a strong foundation for the future, professors at AUBiH are dedicated to teaching methods which encourage individual thinking and self-initiative.

As the Rector, I am proud that our University, which this year celebrates 12 years, is preparing our graduates for rewarding and meaningful employment in their chosen fields of study in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Western Balkans region and abroad.

I encourage you to browse our pages and get in contact with us in order to help you all get to know us. I hope you will consider us further and become our student, partner and friend.

Mustafa Festić