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The undergraduate degree program in International Sales and Marketing is a four-year program which consists of academic courses. The program offers students the following:

  1. Acquirement of knowledge in the field of international sales, marketing, market analysis, branding, negotiation, international business, the economy and general knowledge needed to improve environmental perspective
  2. Qualification for the understanding of this market and the preparation of the sales process through the development of skills of business communication and branding products
  3. Ability to adapt the sales process to the purchasing power of the market and consumer habits
  4. Recognition as the best people to work in all domestic and international companies
  5. Working in small groups, which enables an individual approach and a better understanding of the curriculum
  6. Intensive use of information and communication technologies and technical equipment
  7. High level of equipment in classrooms, laboratory and other teaching spaces, technical and teaching tools


  1. Students will become knowledgeable in the complexity and challenges in international and global marketing, as well as in risk assessment
  2. Students will learn to prepare and implement international marketing strategies and plans
  3. Students will develop an understanding of organizations and of different ways to manage marketing operations
  4. Students will gain an ability to understand marketing potential of emerging markets, as well as problems related to cultural and other factors
  5. Students will gain an ability to understand the need for managing international distribution channels and strategies used in that process
  6. Students will understand financial aspects of international marketing
  7. Students will learn to develop international sales and marketing communication strategies

This undergraduate degree program in International Sales and Marketing is rather unique in the market because it synthesizes two major disciplines: sales and marketing. Students who complete this program will acquire a diploma accredited in the US, EU, Turkey and BiH, which will enable them to start a successful career in marketing, public relations, sales, branding, advertising, marketing project management, as well as for work in government and NGO agencies.


Entrepreneurship, branding, management, sales, business development, advertising and public relations, government agencies, NGOs, manufacturing, online marketing, etc. Employment is possible locally, regionally and internationally.

Enrolling students are required to have a four-year high school diploma or an international baccalaureate diploma.

The title acquired upon successful completion of all courses:

  1. Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing


  1. American diploma
  2. U.S. accredited program
  3. New concept of education
  4. Smart classrooms
  5. AUBiH Online
  6. Live stream classes
  1. Classes in English
  2. Local and International professors
  3. Low tuitions
  4. Career-oriented studies
  5. Online textbooks
  6. Quality controlled lectures


The undergraduate degree program in International Sales and Marketing enables students to acquire skills and knowledge necessary for understanding and managing of the sale process, high quality positioning in the market and improving sales. The courses of this degree program are divided into two groups. The first group of courses enables students to understand market laws and regulations and preparation of the sale process through development of business communication skills and branding of products. The second group of courses teaches students about the sale process itself and habits of consumers. It enables students to be able to adapt to leading the sales process, to purchasing power of the market and habits of consumers.


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