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Amer Dardagan

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Full Name Amer Dardagan
Date of Birth 26.09.1987.
E-mail adardagan@aubih.edu
Scientific Field General History
2006 - 2011
Master (MA) in History
University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Philosophy
2013 - Present
American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina
2012 - 2013
“Blooming Child”
History teacher
2010 -2011
Katolički školski centar „Sveti Josip“
History teacher
2009 -present
Society for the study of medieval bosnian history - Stanak.org, Franje Račkog 1, Sarajevo Scientific research
Member of the Editorial Council/ Researcher/ Writer
Dardagan, Amer. 2017. “Theurgical Ritual of Making Stecak Tombstones in Medieval Bosnia”. SocArXiv. June 30.osf.io/preprints/socarxiv/ mc45a
Dardagan, Amer. 2017. “Neoplatonism, the Response on Gnostic and Manichean Ctiticism of Platonism”. SocArXiv. May 13. osf.io/preprints/ socarxiv/krj2n
Dardagan, Amer. 2017. “Alchemical Symbols on Stećak Tombstones and Their Meaning”. SocArXiv. May 13. osf.io/preprints/socarxiv/xn5k6
Dardagan, Amer. 2017. “Plato’s Spirituality (the Eternal Soul and the “real” World)”. SocArXiv. May 13. osf.io/preprints/socarxiv/qjw2t
Dardagan, Amer. 2017. “Neoplatonic “Tree of Life” (arbor Porphyriana: A Diagram of Logic and Mystical Theology”. SocArXiv. May 13. osf.io/preprints/socarxiv/g2qxe