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Branko Vekić

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Full Name Branko Vekić
Date of Birth  
E-mail bvekic@aubih.edu
Scientific Field Graphic and Multimedia Design
1985 - 1992
BA – Graphic Designer
Graphic Design
Academy of Art, Sarajevo
1995 - 2009
BA – Director
Movie, TV and Theater directing
Academy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo
Creative director
Luna\ TBWA \ Sarajevo
- Director
- Graphic Designer
- Computer Animator
- Director
- Graphic designer
- Computer animator
- Teacher of Graphic Design
SOS Kinderdorf
- art director
- graphic designer
- computer animator
IPC (now split to DPP and Fabrika)
Strip Art Features
Works on the visual identity of UNICEF sponsored event „Bubamarin dugi let“.
Awarded for logo of American edition „Cat Claw“ comic with the award of Association of Bosnian propagandists with Tarik Jesenkovic.
1996. Does a series of theater posters for Kamerni Teatar
1996. Does first bosnian computer animation transfered to film stock: Titles for 2. Sarajevo film Festival.
1994, 1997, 2003, and 2005 works as a director, art director and graphic designer on Eurovision song contest entries for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
2000. Works as a graphic designer and animator on Academy awarded movie „No Man’s Land“.
2000.-2006. Teaches conceptual design at the Academy of fine arts to students of Product Design, from time to time.
2001. Works as Director, Graphic designer, art director and animator on OHR’s campaigns: “Poštovanje” i “Dosta je!”.
2002. Directs first Bosnian Character animation on 35mm stock „Love and Tolerance – (Penguins 1)“ for SFOR.
2004. Directs third part of Penguins trilogy for SFOR. Starts working in Paris on a documentary „Les reflections d’Enfer“ starring Emanuele Beart (Mission Impossible), Guillaume Canet (The Beach), Mariam D’Abo (007 – Living Daylights), Aline Bonetto (Amelie Poulain) and many others.
2005. His graphic design for BH Eurosong project is noticed at the Eurovision Song contest.
2006. «Les Reflections D’Enfer» is published on DVD along with a movie „L’Enfer“. Awarded „Davorin“ for best pop music video of the year in BiH. Works on design of materials for UWC/IBO initiative in BiH. Directs a few music videos.
2007. Directs a half hour documentary on „Pro Credit Bank“ for Fabrika, two comercials for BH Telecom, one for „Kiseljak“ and three music videos. Works as a freelance designer for UNICEF
2008. Directs documentary „Project Fenix“ about Steelplant in Zenica and two music
2009. Directs two comercials for BH Telecom. Directs theater play “Copy” which successful opening night was on april 11. In Zenica