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Dejan Kukrić

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Full Name Dejan Kukrić
Date of Birth 03.02.1979.
E-mail dkukric@aubih.edu
Scientific Field Graphic and Multimedia Design
2002 - 2008
MA in Drama and audio-visual arts
Television director
University of Banja Luka – Academy of Arts
October 2004 – Present
Head of Entertainment, Factual Entertainment and Music Unit, BHT 1
BHRT – Radio Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina
November 2016 - Present
Assistant Professor at the Department for Graphic and Multimedia Design
American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina
April 1995 - December 1998 ( as Associate )
December 1998 - October 2004 ( Full-time )
Radio and TV Journalist, Program Producer
RTRS – Radio Television of Republika Srpska
September 1992 – June 1993
Associate journalist / reporter and TV host
3K RTS – Third Channel of Serbian Broadcasting Corporation
Important Projects
La Filarmonica della Scala di Milano – Sarajevo Concert 2015. Executive producer, Multi-camera director
Opera Gala – The 70th anniversary of the National Opera House Sarajevo, 2016 Executive producer, Multi-camera director
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - Sarajevo Centennial Concert 2014. Executive producer
The Reference Group, European Broadcasting Union (EBU-UER) Elected member (2011-2013)
Eurovision Young Musicians 2012 Executive producer of the national project / Head of Delegation Bosnia and Herzegovina
Eurovision Song Contest, 2001, 2005-2013 Executive producer of the national project / Head of Delegation BiH / TV Commentator
PRO.PR Conference of South-East Europe, 2013, 2014 Lecturer
54rd ”Rose D’Or” Awards, 2015 Chairman of the Jury (TV Entertainment category)
53rd “Rose D’Or” Awards, 2014 Member of the Jury (TV Sitcoms category)
Sarajevo Film Festival, 2009-present Deputy Executive producer / Official Master of ceremony
National Campaign to help flood victims ”Ljudi ljudima – pomozi i pozovi”, 2014 Executive producer / TV host
Zdravko Čolić – Live at Koševo Olympic Stadium , 2010 Executive director of TV production
Dino Merlin – Live at Koševo Olympic Stadium , 2004, 2008 Executive director of TV production
Mostar Summer Fest 2016 – Parni valjak Live Multi-camera director, Executive producer
“Konačno petak”, weekly TV entertainment show, BHRT 2007-present Author / TV host
Davorin - BiH Annual Music Award , 2005 Winner (Best music video in pop music category)