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Maja Kordić - Grujić

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Full Name Maja Kordić - Grujić
Date of Birth 30.04.1981.
E-mail mkordic@aubih.edu
Scientific Field Graphic and Multimedia Design
Master, Hypermédias (Réalisation Multimédia Et Édition Électronique)
University Paris 8 (France)
Graduated with Multimedia Presentation of Modern and Contemporary Art in B&H on CD (“GenerArs”)
Professor of Fine arts,
University of Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo (B&H)Graduated in Graphics, Class of Professor Halil Tikveša with “Alice au Pays des Merveilles” (“Alice in the Wonderland” and completed facultative courses of Conservation and Restoration with “Elaboration of the Conservation and Restoration Works on the Painting of Roman Petrović “Motive from Sarajevo”
Catholic School Centre Sarajevo (B&H) “Painting from Expressionism to Abstraction”
Currently employed
American University In Bosnia And Herzegovina
Dean of American Academy of Modern Arts (since February 2012)
Lecturer (since October 2011)
February 2006-February 2012
Art Gallery Of Bosnia And Herzegovina, Sarajevo
Graphic Designer
March 2010-February 2012
Graphic Faculty, Kiseljak
April-May 2011
Kultur Kontakt Austria, Vienna (Austria)
Cultural educator in residence
February 2009-March 2010
International University Of Sarajevo, Sarajevo (B&H)
October 2008-December 2008
LEDEN (Laboratoire d’Évaluation et de Développement pour l’Édition Numérique)
Paris (France)
March 2006-February 2007
Professor of Informatics
2011 Group Exhibition “19+1”, Gallery “Roman Petrović”, Sarajevo (B&H)
2007 “Bosnian and Herzegovinian Graphics”, Kuršumli medresa, Sarajevo (B&H)
2007 Exhibition “Library - Open Book of the Balkans”, City Hall Vladislav Petković Dis, Čačak (Serbia); City gallery Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo (B&H)
2006 Group Exhibition of graphics with Alma Svrakić in Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo; New Temple, Sarajevo (B&H)
2001 Group Exhibition of students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Access, Sarajevo (B&H)
2001 Group Exhibition within the art workshop Arts and Media, Izola (Slovenia)
1999 Group Exhibition within the School of Peace Art workshop, Maribor (Slovenia)