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The undergraduate degree program in Graphic and Multimedia Design is a four-year program which consists of academic courses. The program offers students the following course groups:

  1. Courses from the multimedia group that offer a complex knowledge of this area and are also divided into a number of groups
    1. a. Courses that study theory (Introduction to Multimedia, Transformative Media)
    2. b. Courses that study the necessary software for multimedia realization, hands-on (Adobe Master Collection with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash and 3D programs)
    3. c. Courses that allow students to acquire knowledge in programming (Introduction to Programming, Visual Programming and Development Tools)
    4. d. Courses that allow practice in various multimedia areas (Digital Photography, Video and Sound, TV Production, Media/Production)
  2. Courses directly concentrated in the area of graphic design, theoretical and practical (Introduction to and Graphic Design, Visual Communications, Digital Typography, etc.)
  3. General courses of Graphic and Multimedia Design (Visual Culture, Modern and Contemporary History of Art and Design, Esthetic)
  4. Courses directed toward a better orientation in a business environment after studies (Business Communication, Service Management/Customer Relationship, Internet Marketing/Viral Marketing)
  5. GER (General Education Requirements)–courses that give student’s fundamental knowledge from general education areas (Introduction to Drawing, Oral and Written Expression, Professional Writing and Communication, Principles of Microeconomics, Statistics, Global Economy, Introduction to Environmental Science, history courses, etc.)


  1. Students will learn how to apply fundamental graphic design and multimedia knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century design industry, which is constantly evolving
  2. Students will learn how to use and apply adequate software to solve problems and to complete projects/tasks
  3. Students will learn, through practice and a project show, to create designs for books, magazines and exhibitions, packaging, corporate identity and interface design
  4. Students will acquire knowledge in programming by using current computer applications
  5. Students will learn important aspects of internet marketing
  6. Students will develop skills for communicating well orally and in written form
  7. Students will develop skills for interacting professionally and working effectively on multi-disciplinary teams to achieve project objectives
  8. Students will develop detailed portfolios of their work that demonstrate their particular skills and knowledge related to graphic and multimedia design
  9. Students are offered different concentration areas: graphic design, web design, audio and video production, new media and animation, digital prototypes, computer-aided design–CAD

The undergraduate degree program in Graphic and Multimedia Design provides graduates with qualifications that equip them for employment in different areas and spheres of work: multimedia, hypermedia, graphic design, visual communications and marketing and production. Employment is possible to find in firms dealing with web and other productions in different multimedia spheres, such as broadcast companies, video-production companies, film studios; in marketing and full marketing agencies; in the area of education; museums, galleries, etc. Graphic designers create visual identities and develop the entire layout and production design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporative image brochures and other publications. They also create promotional displays, product packages, flyers, posters, product and service panels, logotypes, signs, etc. Together with education in the area of multimedia, they also specialize in multimedia and hypermedia contents: websites, interactive media and similar. With the study in multimedia, students acquire a complex knowledge in theory, software training for multimedia realization, programming and knowledge and practice in various multimedia areas, such as digital photography, video and sound and TV production which makes this program stand out in comparison to similar studies in the country and the region. Upon successful completion of the program, students will acquire a US, EU, Turkey and BiH accredited diploma.


Video-production companies, web companies, film studios, marketing companies, print and digital media companies, public and private companies, and all other types of companies that need qualitative web sites, advertising materials and other activities related to this field of study. Employment is possible on a local, regional and international level.

Enrolling students are required to have a four-year high school diploma or an international baccalaureate diploma.

The title acquired upon successful completion of all academic courses:

  1. Bachelor of Graphic and Multimedia Design


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  2. U.S. accredited program
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The undergraduate degree program, Graphic and Multimedia Design, prepares students for professional work in the field. This degree program emphasizes concept development and application, work with clients and professional development, including the creation of a working portfolio. Courses in the program are structured to incorporate a broad range of practices such as digital typography, visual communications and graphic design, as well as multimedia and 3D design. Students gradually acquire skills and knowledge starting from the theoretical and historical part of the courses through hands-on experience and project-based exercises that result in competency for professional expression. Students are given tools and develop the creative skills necessary for the contemporary design industry. This degree program offers students different concentration areas: Graphic Design, Web Design, Audio and Video Production, New Media and Digital Prototyping, Animation, Computer Aided Design.


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