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Mr. Bogić Bogićević, has an outstanding contribution of the promotion and recognition of the territorial unity and integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, the AUBiH Senate made the decision to confer and award an Honorary Doctorate to Mr. Bogić Bogićević.

Students of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) recognized the enormous contribution by Mr. Bogićević for survival and independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the preservation of high moral human values.

PhD. Sadik Latifagić in his speech read the AUBiH Senate Decision that states:

"American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina awarded an honorary doctorate to Mr. Bogićević for his outstanding contribution to the promotion and recognition of the territorial unity and integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for his activity in the promotion of peace, tolerance and universal European values among peoples and countries of southeastern Europe. He is a statesman, is highly moral, deployes humane general human actions, has a commitment to open prospects for young people and the creation of an atmosphere of a secure future in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has made special contribution to the development of social thought in the field of political science and international relations."

In awarding the honorary doctorate to Mr. Bogićević, AUBiH is committed to preserving morals, tolerance and ethical values among the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Mr. Denis Prcić, president of the board of trustees at AUBiH stated: "Students, professors and the administration of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina express gratitude and respect to this son of Bosnia and Herzegovina, not only personally but also on behalf of most of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, awarding an Honorary Doctorate for his act of bravery, recognition and gratitude to Mr. Bogićević who sacrificed himself and his family by believing in his people, integrity and independence of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina."

The ceremony of honorary doctorate was supported by many public figures, among whom was Mr. Jonathan Moore, Director of the Office of South Central and European Affairs at the U.S. Department of State and Mr. Azem Vllasi, adviser of the Government of Kosovo for Foreign Affairs.

"At probably the most important meeting of the SFRY presidency on March 12, 1991, when they were deciding about enacting martial law in SFRY, Bogićević voted against it. It was him that prevented JNA military intervention, giving the contribution to existence and independency of Bosnia and Herzegovina", said Mr. Moore, and added that "Mr. Bogićević dedicated his life and professional career to promote peace, tolerance and living together. All of us should be thankful to him for it."

"Numerous recognitions and awards that he received up until now, as well as an honorary doctorate degree that he is receiving today from American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, clearly show that despite everything, truthful values are recognized and appreciated." pointed Mr. Moore.

Mr. Azem Vllasi said that Bogić tried his hand both in politics and in peace, in crises and in war, and that he was always on the right side. "In that position, Bogićević earned the voices of citizens of all nationalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Worth representation of those who have put their trust and not given up before the insane ideas and pressures by Milošević to fix government and impose military rule in the country" declared Mr. Vllasi.

Numerous letters of support arrived at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of them congratulated and honored Mr. Bogićević. Mr. Milan Kučan asked for his letter to be read at ceremony in which he affirmed: "Being aware of the need to soon overcome difficult consequences that the war imposed on people, Bogić Bogićević was very dedicated in fulfilling his role, not thinking about the consequences for himself and his family. He believed that it is his human and moral obligation. He was very often alone and not understood. He was attacked, yet he remained loyal to his human commitments. These are characteristics of an honored and brave man. With his principles and attitude, Bogić Bogićević symbolically contributed to the future and peaceful path in independence of my republic of Slovenia. He prevented military intervention in the process of independency and he advocated ending the war when it started in Slovenia. During all the years after that happened, the Republic of Slovenia, unfortunately, did not express its own respect and gratitude to Mr. Bogić Bogićević. Because of this, I feel I owe him."

Not to be forgotten is one of the most memorable speeches that Mr. Bogić Bogićević gave. Very motivational, but objective and precise in its core. Mr. Bogićević asserted: "Dear professors, you have a tremendous responsibility to educate and shape future statesmen, politicians, professors, engineers, creators of our future. I want to be proud of their successes. Dear students, this land belongs to you much more than to my generation. The creation of its future is a big challenge for you and your generation. On this journey, you will face many obstacles. In life, there are not only flat roads. Nowadays, it is enough to just think differently than the organizer of criminal raids and self-proclaimed national leaders. You can be declared a traitor to your own people or a foreign mercenary or spies for the West or the Vatican’s favorite. They do not hate only members of another nation, even more they hate members of their own people-those who do not hate the other, but are not afraid. Truth is everything great. You can betray all, but it is most difficult to betray yourself because trust is created during a lifetime, but it is lost only once."

For this event, students of Graphic and Multimedia Design at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (for promoting peace, tolerance and equality among people regardless of skin color or religion) created works in honor of Nelson Mandela, one of the leading human rights fighters. This was done to honor his legacy.