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American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) is a U.S. accredited forward-thinking and career-oriented institution of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Classes at AUBiH are based on American liberal education with undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies, which are in line with the Bologna principles. AUBiH curricula and rules of study are consistent with the American educational system. In accordance with the mission of the University, the goal is to provide quality university education for students throughout the region that follows world trends in specialized areas of economics, information technology, engineering, law, international relations and diplomacy, security and defense, industrial technologies and modern art.

AUBiH is looking for highly committed and highly qualified candidates with strong leadership skills to be part of our successful team and to participate in future development through the following positions (primary requirements and duties are outlined):


  1. BA degree in Information Technology or related field
  2. Extensive knowledge of ERP, Network Systems and Project Management
  3. 10+ years of experience


  1. BA degree in Management or Business
  2. Leadership of Supply Chain Planning and Supply Chain Optimization and Sales & Operations Planning
  3. Strong organizational and planning skills
  4. 10+ years of experience


  1. BA degree in Marketing or Economy
  2. Marketing plan creation and implementation
  3. Marketing and promotion campaign creation and implementation
  4. Establishment of assertive cooperation with media
  5. Organization of official visits
  6. 10+ years of experience


  1. BA degree in PR, Marketing or Communications
  2. Institution representation through media channels in accordance with organizational procedures
  3. Organization of press conferences, exhibitions and tours
  4. Maintenance of assertive contact with media regarding the establishment of a positive brand
  5. 10+ years of experience


  1. BA degree in Marketing or Management
  2. Definition, plan and organization of events
  3. Plan and organization of presentations and promotions events
  4. 10+ years of experience


  1. BA degree in Marketing or Digital Communications
  2. Social media strategy creation and implementation
  3. Visual identity establishment of social network accounts
  4. Coordination of promotional campaigns on social networks
  5. 7+ years of experience

Since we receive a large number of applications, only CVs that are the closest match to job specification requirements will be contacted. If you believe that you are the right person for a particular position, please send your CV and Cover Letter in English by email to positions@aubih.edu outlining in the Subject the position you are applying for.
Thank you.