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Welcome to American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH).

In a year when we celebrate 12 years of educating the leaders, it is a great time to be at AUBiH. Our world-class educational programs continue to attract top-tier students and world-class faculty members.

Our mission focuses on providing quality academics, while remaining a student-centered organization. Students throughout the University system will see this commitment to their education both through an online presence and campus facilities.

AUBiH activities help students develop and build a character that encourages not only a belief in them, but also to become prominent members of the community. The curriculum and culture prepares our students to become global citizens, critical thinkers and good communicators.

While studying at AUBiH, Student Services offers a variety of services that combine educational and extracurricular activities. The University organizes educational and entertaining trips for students, guest lectures and events that enhance student professional and personal development.

The strong Alumni Association enables AUBiH graduates to stay connected to colleagues after graduation. This network of young professionals not only allows them to maintain strong ties among old classmates, but also provides support and help to new graduates in finding their first employment.

We are building AUBiH to last and to be a model in modern times. We invite you to join the modern times with us!

Sadik Latifagić
Academic Provost