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Dear students and parents,

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) is a multiethnic institution accredited in the USA, BiH/EU and Turkey. It has tailored the quality of its education, scientific research institutes and operative centers, and has strategically directed it to the economic needs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region’s development.

One of the main objectives of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina is employment of its graduates within a period of six months after graduation. The entire system of education, including our Career Development Center, enables students to gain knowledge, skills, working habits and experience acquired throughout externships, which are the platform for future employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Union, the United States of America, Turkey, countries of the Middle East or elsewhere in the world.

In the last ten years of its existence and engagement, American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has proven that its graduates are prepared to compete in the world market finding jobs at the best companies, such as Google, KPMG, EBRD, PWC, Oracle, banks, institutions in the USA, BiH and the EU.

It is highly important to stress that diplomas and quality of education at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina have the same value and validity, with no prejudices or differences and are licensed in United States of America and countries of the European Union, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Students at AUBiH have a unique opportunity to acquire skills and competencies through research projects with experienced scientists at research institutes and centers of the University.

AUBiH has developed its joint focus on both academia and co–ops, because the students acquire skills in these areas in order to gain competence in the market. This approach makes AUBiH stand out in comparison to other universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. AUBiH prepares students to become leaders and skilled workers in business, public administration, engineering, security and defense, diplomacy, information technology, industrial technology and modern arts, as well as assists them in promoting social, economic and political development in the region.

We invite you to become a team member and use the possibilities and capacities offered by American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we are committed to help you to reach your life and professional goals.

Have a great year!

Denis Prcić