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Dear students and parents,

Higher education is of the central importance to modern society. It accelerates our social, cultural and economic development and it contributes to the development of core ethical values. In times of unequal economic and social opportunities, higher education offers a path to improvement and overall development of individuals and societies. Higher education is the foundation of the development of our communities and therefore our country.

In order to follow contemporary reform processes in higher education, we developed programs that are compatible with internationally accredited study programs. Today, apart from the basic roles of providing education, universities need to meet many other educational requirements, including adequate scientific and technical education, but also training that develops so-called horizontal skills in students. In addition, they need to provide their students and society with the opportunity of lifelong learning, which requires greater mobility within and among various systems of education.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), we are facing a number of challenges that affect our system of education in an unfavorable way. These challenges prevent positioning of knowledge and research within the top priorities of real and objective needs of our society to adapt to international processes and changes resulting from powerful influence and achievements of modern science.

The American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) rests on universal educational values. It is accredited in BiH, the United States of America, the European Union and Turkey. The quality of education is extremely important to us, as well as the integration of core scientific values and achievements in the process of our education, and consequently in various development processes in BiH.

The question is how should we measure the success of a university?

At AUBiH, we say that a university is as successful as its professors and students are, while degree of employability of its graduates is a clear indicator of well-organized educational process that is adapted to the time and circumstances in which the university works. A high degree of employability of our graduates is something we are proud of. Over the past thirteen years, AUBiH has proven that our graduates are ready to accept all the challenges of the competition and labor market, as well as that they are able to achieve remarkable results in some of the world’s largest companies such as Google, KPMG, EBRD, PWC, Oracle, banks and many other institutions in BiH, Europe, Turkey and around the world.

AUBiH provides its students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge, experience and competences in the fields they choose to work on within their research projects that they conduct with experienced researchers in centers and research institutes of AUBiH. Our programs are focused on the development of theoretical and practical knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. In order to implement our ambitious teaching plan and learning processes, with confidence in the ultimate and positive outcome of our teaching process, we offer study programs and teaching activities with a strong emphasis on quality and latest learning and teaching methods.

We invite you to become part of our team and take advantage of the opportunities, potentials and results of our work. With full confidence and belief in the skills and knowledge you will gain at AUBiH, we encourage you to set on a journey of fulfilling your life and professional goals together with us.

prof. dr. Mirsad Đonlagić