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Our Library is led by new librarian principles and guidelines founded by Crawford (Walt) and Gorman (Michael) according to which libraries serve humanity. They respect all the forms in which the knowledge can appear and can be transmitted. Furthermore, new technologies have been applied so we can improve our services. We protect the right of free access to knowledge. The most important thing is to respect the past and create the future.

The Library is part of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its primary function is to provide full information and documentation services to its beneficiaries. AUBIH Library is primarily focused to the needs of students, academic and administrative employers of the University. The Library provides its users with the use of scientific information and documentation as well as literature, according to world standards, both in traditional paper form as well as in electronic form (in accordance with the Rules of Procedure). The services that the Library offers its users are:

  1. Information services
  2. Borrowing library materials for use outside the premises of the Library
  3. Electronic databases research
  4. User education

The Library contains monographs, periodicals, collection of doctoral, master and senior theses, as well as the collection of reference literature (encyclopedia, dictionaries, manuals, lexicons, bibliographies) and the base of certain journals. Placement of the Fund is professional with open access to shelves.

Acquisition policy of the Library is led by the user needs and is implemented through purchase, own publications, gifts and an exchange. For this type of interlibrary cooperation, the Exchange Fund (the Duplicate Fund) has been formed whose primary function is to provide the possibility of acquiring new titles for the Library Fund through the interlibrary exchange. Our users have access to specific databases and digital libraries.

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has signed cooperation agreements with National and University Library in Tuzla and Human Rights Centre, University of Sarajevo in order to provide our customers with the best possible service. With the presented index, our students become members of the library with the ability to use their funds and services that these libraries offer.