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The goal of Academic Services is to provide top quality support in the teaching process to our professors, students and their parents. My goal has always been to respond in a timely manner to inquiries from our students and their parents and to offer suggestions or solutions and to eliminate all possible difficulties.

Open communication and the relationship between professors, students and their parents with employees in Academic Services have built an environment in which students know that they can turn to us at any time. Academic Services is here for all students during this important period of their lives, which is the foundation for their future career path.

If students adopt the work method that we require from them and accept the rule of continuous studying and interactive teaching, their academic success is guaranteed. We monitor the academic progress of each student during each semester with the aim to bring the student to the day when they will successfully graduate.

Our greatest success and satisfaction is when students are satisfied with the quality and process of teaching and support offered by the Academic Services, together with our team of academic and professional staff, academic advisors, professors and assistants.