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Students who wish to spend one or two semesters at AUBiH and then return to their home universities are welcome to apply as visiting students. Admission decisions for visiting students are based on current academic records. To be considered for admission on a visiting basis students must complete an application and ask their university registrar’s office to forward an official transcript to AUBiH.


  1. Fall Semester starts in October-please send application no later than the 3rd of September.
  2. Spring Semester starts in February-please send application no later than the 5th of January.
  3. Summer Abroad Program starts in June-please send application no later than the 15th of May.
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Please fill out the application for the program you are interested in at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina

To become an international student at AUBiH, along with the completed application, candidates must submit the following documents:

  1. Personal Statement explaining your interest, motivation, and past experiences that lead you to apply for the AUBiH (1 page) Summer program
  2. Copy of University transcripts
  3. English translation of transcripts (Only needed for transcripts that are not in English)
  4. Proof of ability to study in English/TOEFL results (Only needed for NON-NATIVE speakers)
  5. One letter of recommendation
  6. Copy of Home University Study Abroad/Course Credit Approval Form (It is not required that the form be completed)
  7. Copy of ID card or passport

After filling out your application, you can send supplementary materials via e-mail to studyabroad@aubih.edu

  • Application to Study Abroad Program at AUBiH - Fall and Spring semesters (DOCX)
  • Application to Summer Program at AUBiH 2017 (DOCX)
  • Summer Programs in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (PDF)