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The internal procedure for scholarship refunds is defined by the Decision of the Board of Trustees dated, June 14th 2011, by which a student’s right to a scholarship refund is defined. The above-mentioned decision states that: “a student, who withdraws from AUBiH within the first 15 days of the academic year, has the right to request the refund of a part of the paid tuition”. The internal control of the procedure of the refund policy, based on the student’s request, is done by the AUBiH President and the Financial Department. After the procedure is completed, and it is determined that all requirements for a refund are met (which are further defined in the individual student enrollment agreements), the AUBiH President gives permission for a refund and allows the Financial Department to proceed. Otherwise, the student receives a negative answer to his request. This procedure is conducted at AUBiH and all the organizational units founded by it.