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The Alumni Association, together with the Career Development Center, provides career and life management assistance to all AUBiH alumni. Using a variety of tools from individual counseling to seminars and networking events, AUBiH career counselors help graduates to figure out their career path and their job search plan.

If you are between jobs, or exploring a new career path, if you have job openings or an internship you would like to post so other AUBiH alumni or students can apply, please contact the Career Development Center at cdc@aubih.edu. In cooperation with the AUBiH Career Development Center, the Alumni Association offers alumni resources including job search and networking strategies, resume and cover letter samples, interviewing tools and much more.

Join our career workshops, events or American University Academy (AUA) seminars. Utilize all of the career resources that the Alumni Association and Career Development Center have to offer!

Get in touch with our American University Academy (AUA) partners, connect with your peers and be the first to find out about new job openings!