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The mission of the Career Development Center (CDC) at AUBiH is 100% employment of all students. Furthermore, the CDC facilitates active career exploration and preparation for all students and alumni in today's competitive world and strives to encourage career development through practical learning, academic and civic leadership, and student engagement that will lead to post-graduation success and lifelong satisfaction in all professional endeavors. Through collaboration and partnership with leading domestic and international firms and government institutions, the CDC is committed to serving the diverse campus community and alumni with sound knowledge and supportive enthusiasm for academic, career and personal development.

CDC advisors offer assistance to AUBiH students with the development of individual interests and career goals. Keeping up with global trends, AUBiH seeks to enhance the knowledge of its students even further throughout their schooling years by requiring each and every junior and senior to have Co-op education (Internships).

The CDC at AUBiH, strives to prepare its students to become successful professionals by applying a dual system of education that provides work and study programs for each school at AUBiH. By the time students complete their studies, they will possess a rich resume and gain the necessary fundamental skills in the field of study. The CDC seeks out relationships with private and government institutions in order to place students in various positions. This system of study is uncommon in Bosnia and Herzegovina, yet is vitally necessary to ensure that every student clearly understands both, the theoretical and practical aspects of their studies. The CDC organizes specialized seminars which concentrate on various important themes in the employment preparation process.

During and after graduation, the CDC advisors help students fully utilize their educational opportunities at AUBiH including help with resume writing, seminars and support in their own search for internships and potential employment. Moreover, AUBiH invites experts and professionals with different backgrounds to hold presentations at the University so students get the opportunity to interact with lecturers and learn about various businesses.

AUBiH is dedicated to finding opportunities inside and outside of the classroom for its students. Each semester, the University organizes frequent visits to successful companies with a goal of furthering students’ skills in the areas of business, finance, technology, and the humanities.