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The Institute for Diaspora (ID) studies and analyzes the question of the diaspora by offering concrete solutions in order to enhance the cooperation which would result in the improvement of relationships between the diaspora and its country of origin. Diaspora in the region numbers in the millions, many of whom are highly educated people at prestigious universities, employees of large corporations in managerial positions or owners of successful businesses, and as such have huge potential to help Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries in the region. The Institute, in addition to other activities, creates programs for young people from the diaspora to conduct summer, all year, or an entire study in BiH to become acquainted with their country through culture, education, science, language, sports and to become firmly established in their homeland. The Institute for Diaspora offers help to diaspora with investing in BiH and the region and with all aspects of exploration of the market, legislation and consulting when investing. In addition, the goal of the Institute is to encourage institutions in BiH and the region to seriousy approach the questions of diaspora in order to solve the problems of citizenship, property rights protection, investment protection and double taxation.