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Alisa Mujkić

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Full Name Alisa Mujkić
Date of Birth 04.06.1979
E-mail amujkic@aubih.edu
Scientific Field Economics and Business
January 2014
Master in Strategic Information Management
Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina - University of Zagreb, Croatia
December 2008
B.Sc. in Economics
University of Sarajevo
-Certified Information Systems Auditor - CISA (Exam passed – Dec 2016)
- ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor (Exam passed - May 2008)
- Securing Digital Democracy, University of Washington (Exam passed - Oct 2012)
- eGovernment: Change management, project management, business process reengineering (May 2010)
Chief of Marketing Department
Kupi Tehniku by General Servis Sarajevo
Freelance consultant
Teachning Assistant
The School of Economics and Business
University of Sarajevo
2007-2011Business manager
MP inžinjering i konsalting, Sarajevo
Human resoure assistant
Oxford Research International, UNDP
Marketing manager
ENI marketing, Travnik
Weling Studio ( grafičko - izdavačka kuća )
Family business, Travnik
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Rizvić, A., Kačapor, K., & Mujkić, A. (2016). A new approach: Bibliometric and co-citation analysis of e-learning continuance through the time. Journal of Association for Information Communication Technologies, Education and Science (in the process of review)
Mujkić, A., Jusić, J., & Šaljić, D. (2013). European Union Regional Policy: Lessons for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Local Economic and Infrastructure Development of SEE in the Context of EU Accession, ANUBIH Sarajevo
Šehić, Dž., Mujkić, A., Jusić, J., & Kovačević, J. (2014). Impact of Intellectual Capital on Profitability of Banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Available at: http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/articles/102328314/impact-intellectual-capital-profitability-banks-bosnia-herzegovina
Mujkić, A., Šehić, Dž., Rahimić, Z., & Jusić, J. (2014). Transformational Leadership and Satisfaction of Employees: An Example of B&H and Germany. Econviews, Review of Contemporary Business, Enterpreneurship and Economic Isuess, 27(2), 259-270.