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The doctoral degree program in Management is a three-year program which consists of academic courses and a seminar. The program offers students the following:

  1. Acquirement of knowledge in the field of management through studying the following at an advance level: project and operations management, finance postulates and business economics, global competitiveness premise, human resources planning
  2. Development of understanding of competition and competitiveness and how one can recognize business practices through a change in management approach
  3. Acquirement of knowledge about the financial aspect of a company relative to microeconomical parameters that shape today’s business environment
  4. Development of understanding of the importance proper marketing research when formulating corporate and business strategy
  5. Acquirement of knowledge about the information system management concept and its implementation importance in an increasingly IT-dependent business world
  6. Development of understanding of strategy and strategic planning and their influence in future business endeavors and a company’s market positioning
  7. Development of academic skills for independent scientific research in management
  8. Acquirement of current knowledge in the given scientific field and presenting the results of scientific research at national and international scientific conferences
  9. Development of teaching skills and knowledge
  10. Advancement and personal development for a future significant contribution to the overall development of society


  1. Doctoral students will be knowledgeable in financial statement analysis, forecasting, and budgeting as well as financial valuation techniques which will help them to properly assess global market conditions leading to the development and implementation of economic tools and concepts needed to improve a company’s competitiveness stand
  2. Doctoral students will be knowledgeable about decision-making and the strategic planning process, with an emphasis on the difference between corporate and business strategy and their connection with organizational structure in order to recognize and improve different possible management styles through advance problem-solving techniques
  3. Doctoral students will gain an ability to implement data collection techniques and statistically analyze data into relevant business oriented results through the application of advance marketing strategies being based on the analysis, design, implementation and control of the same
  4. Doctoral students will gain an insight into relevant law and trade agreement requirements leading to understanding tools and solutions operational managers need to possess and to be aware of in order to develop and implement quality management which will direct them to effectively and efficiently reposition themselves in the global business arena
  5. Doctoral students will acquire scientific competences and academic skills in the field of management
  6. Doctoral students will master specific practical skills necessary for conducting high quality scientific research and teaching work in this field
  7. Doctoral students will be capable of publishing results in relevant scientific journals

Upon graduation, doctoral students will gain an EU, Turkey and BiH accredited diploma. Apart from an academic and research career, postgraduate students can also consider a career in other industries. The management consulting industry is actively pursuing postgraduates, along with MBA graduates because most postgraduate students develop exceptional analytical skills over the course of completing their dissertation project. Management consulting generally involves assessing big picture problems, finding a way to meaningfully break them down using both quantitative and qualitative methods and providing suggestions for the methods that will best address the problems. Although there is a general requirement for mathematical competence, the larger firms tend to have specific business boot camp programs for incoming postgraduates.


Academia, research, general management, consulting, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, finance, human resources management, investments, non-profit and government organizations, e-business, etc. Employment is possible locally, regionally and internationally.

Enrolling students are required to have a master’s degree from an accredited university.

The title acquired upon successful completion of all academic courses, seminars and defense of the doctoral dissertation:

  1. Doctor of Economic Sciences in the Field of Management


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  2. U.S. accredited program
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The doctoral degree program in Management offers high-level specialization and training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of management and overall business. Program involves advanced concepts in management, strategy, decision-making, fund raising, marketing, operations and overall economy. The program prepares doctoral students for either academic and research careers or for executive positions in the public or private sectors. They gain theoretical and practical knowledge of advanced research skills, essential for publishing in leading academic journals. Program presents a combination of course work and research. Doctoral students attend courses and a seminar that cover a wide range of subjects that focus on management processes, both theoretically and practically. The doctoral program in management offers doctoral students the opportunity to explore in depth the role of corporate managers as creators of value while preparing for a career as university faculty.


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