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Muamer Bezdrob

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Full Name Muamer Bezdrob
Date of Birth 22.11.1966
E-mail mbezdrob@aubih.edu
Scientific Field Economics and Business
School of Economics and Business, Sarajevo
D. in Economics
School of Ecnomics and Business, Sarajevo
M.Sc. in Ecnomics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Sarajevo
B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
2014 - present
American University in BiH
Assistant Professor
1997 - present
PING d.o.o. Sarajevo
Cofounder and General Manager
1996 - 2001
Systems Engineer
1996 - 1999
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Teaching Assistant
1994 - 1996
Ministry of Interior
Head of Hardware Maintenance Department
1991 - 1992
Hardware Specialist
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