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The undergraduate degree program in International Finance is a four–year program, which consists of academic courses. The program offers students the following:

  1. Acquirement of knowledge in the field of international finance through international financial management, financial markets and institutions, corporate financial policy, marketing financial derivatives, global economy and finance, investment banking, business law, human resource management, cost benefit analysis, risk management, cost accounting, management accounting, financial reporting and analysis, investment analysis and portfolio management
  2. Development of ability to combine the knowledge from business, economics, management, marketing and law and apply it in the area of finance and financial services
  3. Acquirement of knowledge about managing the financial business of a company
  4. Development of skills of business and management communication
  5. Development of awareness on how to work and behave in accordance with professional ethics
  6. Advancement and personal development in professional communication through extensive use of oral and written English
  7. Development of analytical skills necessary to succeed in securing professional employment
  8. Development of skills for applying basic financial and economic knowledge and skills to solve problems and challenges encountered in professional careers


  1. Students will acquire knowledge and skills needed for tasks of implementation of various business models (especially in regard to the financial aspect), and application of informational and technical knowledge to meet the needs of financial sector in contemporary economy and financial industry:
  2. Students will learn the concepts of financial analysis, time value of money, security valuations, risk and return, portfolio theory, efficient market theories, and the capital asset pricing mode
  3. Students will acquire knowledge about how markets and other governance structures organize core microeconomic activities
  4. Students will acquire knowledge about the determinants of macroeconomic conditions, causes of business cycles, and interactions of monetary and financial markets with the real economy
  5. Students will develop creative ability for considering problems and challenges, as well as the ability for critical thinking
  6. Students will develop skills for communicating well orally and in writing
  7. Students will develop skills for interacting professionally and working effectively on multi-disciplinary teams to achieve project objectives

Students who complete this program will acquire a diploma accredited in the US, EU, Turkey and BiH, which enables them to gain expertise and competences in the field of international finance, financial analysis, management, investment banking and business law giving them possibility for seeking employment in companies with the broadest spectrum of activities. In addition to common employment positions found in banks, insurance companies, international companies, stock exchanges and NGOs, there are various positions in government institutions, public sector agencies, marketing companies, and media and research institutes. There is also a possibility of employment in export-oriented companies, international organizations or government institutions, etc.


Finance, entrepreneurship, banks, government organizations, institutes for economic planning, profit and non-profit organizations, business, e-business. Employment is possible locally, regionally and internationally.

Enrolling students are required to have a four-year high school diploma or an international baccalaureate diploma.

The title acquired upon successful completion of all courses:

  1. Bachelor of International Finance


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  2. U.S. accredited program
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  6. Live stream classes
  1. Classes in English
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The undergraduate degree program in International Finance prepares students for financial businesses in both domestic and global economies giving them the foundation for understanding financial and business laws, financial and risk management, cost and management accounting, as well as economy, investments and marketing from a global perspective. At the beginning of the third millennium, the world's economy is transforming from an industrial economy to a service economy. The processes of global redistribution of economic activities are taking place rapidly. Activities related to the international financial sector, especially international finance are increasing. Along with this, there is a need for experts in the field of providing services that possess the knowledge and skills from many related fields, a tendency toward teamwork and the ability to work in a multicultural environment. The undergraduate degree program in International Finance is a response to these requests.


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