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The doctoral degree program in National and International Security is a three-year program, which consists of courses and seminars. The program offers to doctoral students the following:

  1. Acquirement of advanced knowledge in the field of national and international security through studying the following at an advance level: foreign intelligence and security systems, intelligence and national security, international law and security, international business and security practices, Euro Atlantic security
  2. Development of ability to identify, formulate and solve main national and international security issues in their social, political and economic context at an advance level
  3. Development of understanding main factors that are shaping global and domestic security environments
  4. Acquirement of advanced comprehension of the role and relevance of international law in a changing global security environment
  5. Development of ability and knowledge at an advanced level about managing and resolving matters that arise within national and international security
  6. Acquirement of skills to debate issues and test theories of international security in an effort to understand the foundation of national strategies, sources of conflicts and war, and innumerable influence tools such as intelligence, communication, diplomacy, and terrorism
  7. Acquirement of scientific competences and academic skills in the field of national and international security
  8. Development of specific practical skills necessary for conducting high quality scientific research and teaching work in this field
  9. Development of academic skills for independent scientific research in management
  10. Development of teaching skills and knowledge
  11. Acquirement of current knowledge in the given scientific field and presenting the results of scientific research at national and international scientific conferences
  12. Advancement and personal development for the future significant contribution to the overall development of society


  1. Doctoral students will gain an ability to analyze, manage and respond to various national and international security related matters by comprehending geopolitical and economic factors of security policies
  2. Doctoral students will be knowledgeable of the various European security organizations such as UN, NATO, EU and OSCE and will understand the differences and similarities between these organizations as well as their approach to handling security challenges
  3. Doctoral students will gain an insight into counterintelligence in context of its nature, main issues, framework and services for the purpose of the formulation and implementation of national security policy
  4. Doctoral students will be knowledgeable on the role the law has in design and implementation of national and international security environment with the emphasis onto corruption, public administration, ethics, etc.

Upon completion of this program, doctoral students will acquire EU, Turkey and BiH accredited diploma. Postgraduates will be qualified to work in management, research and policy positions in government and consulting agencies. They will be exceptionally well prepared to serve as executives, diplomats, military and civil servants, policy analysts and consultants.


Public and state institutions, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, private companies, consultancy. Employment is possible locally, regionally and internationally.

Enrolling students are required to have a master’s degree from an accredited university.

The title acquired upon successful completion of all the courses, seminars and defense of doctoral dissertation:

  1. Doctor of Science in National and International Security


  1. American diploma
  2. U.S. accredited program
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  6. Live stream classes
  1. Classes in English
  2. Local and International professors
  3. Low tuitions
  4. Career-oriented studies
  5. Online textbooks
  6. Quality controlled lectures


The doctoral degree program in National and International Security, specialization in Security Management provides advanced knowledge and understanding of the National and International Security environment of the 21st century. The program views security from a broad theoretical and historical perspective. It provides education and training from a multi-disciplinary perspective on issues dealing with political, historical, social, and economic causes and consequences of the threat or use of military force and other forms of violence. Doctoral students focus on topics including strategy, foreign policy, intelligence, security, military analysis, conflict resolution, international business and law in security, contemporary security threats, and cyber security.


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