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Elma Salihović

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Full Name Elma Salihović
Date of Birth  
E-mail esalihovic@aubih.edu
Scientific Field Political Science
Spring 2013
Colorado University
M.A. Political Science
Summer 2011
Metropolitan State University of Denver
B.A. International Affairs and Globalization
Fall 2005
Arapahoe Community College
A.A. Business Administration and Management
Fall 2016 - Present
American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Assistant Professor
February 2016 - Present
USAID Project Assistant
Human Rights Advisor
Summer University Srebrenica
Teaching Instruction
SOS Djecije Selo Sarajevo
Volunteering in cooperation with American Embassy Sarajevo on various projects
July 2014, 2015
Summer University Srebrenica
Guest speaker on the topic “Reconciliation process in BiH twenty years later”
April-August 2015
United Nation Environmental Program (UNEP)
Producer on a project “Preserving Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Land of Diversity” sponsored by United Nation Environmental Program (UNEP)
06/2009 – 10/2013
Global Connection, LLC. Denver, Colorado
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Headquarters
(NATO HQ) , Sarajevo, Bosnia
Project Assistant Spring
United Nations Protection Force (UN) , Sarajevo
Project Assistant