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Admir Jukan

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Full Name Admir Jukan
Date of Birth 28.02.1972.
E-mail ajukan@aubih.edu
Scientific Field Computer and Information Technology
September 2015.
Ph.D. Degree
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Tuzla
February 2008.
Master of Science Degree
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Tuzla
March 1997.
Bachelor Degree
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Tuzla
June 1990.
High School Degree
„Electrical High School“ in Tuzla.
June 1986.
Elementary School Degree
„Jusuf Jakubović“ in Tuzla.
October 2014. - present
American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina
April 1998. – present
Ministry for Internal Affairs, Tuzla Canton
Chief of IT and Analytics sector, Directorate of Police (since 2009).
October 1997.- April 1998.
„Sincom“ d.o.o Tuzla
System engineer
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