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The master’s degree program in Cyber Security is a one-year program. The program offers students the following:

  1. Acquirement of knowledge in the field of cyber security through cyber security standards and policies, information security, network and internet security, telecommunication and data communication, wireless security, computer and system intrusion, mobile devices security
  2. Acquirement of knowledge about identifying, formulating and solving main cyber security issues in social, political and economic context
  3. Development of understanding of legal policies, procedures and main legal issues in cybercrime
  4. Development of understanding what security really means in cyberspace and how to protect information and infrastructure
  5. Development of comprehension of the entire digital forensic process
  6. Development of comprehension of security and surveillance, as well as surveillance theories


  1. Master's students will be qualified and knowledgeable to respond to various cyber security related matters
  2. Master's students will be knowledgeable in how to prevent and resolve issues related to cyber security in both the private and public sector
  3. Master's students will gain the skills needed to fill management and leadership roles in cyber security and cyber operations
  4. Master's students will acquire skills needed for conducting scientific research and writing master's thesis work within the field of study
  5. Master's students will gain necessary knowledge and skills for future careers such as security-application programmers, security analysts, penetration testers, vulnerability analysts and security architects

A growing demand in the market for professionals who are educated to resolve issues related to cybercrime and security is visible in all sectors. The degree qualifies individuals to respond to various cyber security related problems and threats. Upon graduation, masters students will earn US, EU, Turkey and BiH accredited diploma, which will prepare them to work as cyber security engineers, architects or managers, cyber operations planners, security software assurance engineers, as well as digital forensics analysts, specialists or investigators.


Law enforcement, government, defense, security, banking industry, technology, manufacturing, production and product security. Employment is possible locally, regionally and internationally.

Enrolling students are required to have a four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited university.

The title acquired upon successful completion of all courses and defense of master's thesis:

  1. Master of Cyber Security


  1. American diploma
  2. U.S. accredited program
  3. New concept of education
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  6. Live stream classes
  1. Classes in English
  2. Local and International professors
  3. Low tuitions
  4. Career-oriented studies
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  6. Quality controlled lectures


The master’s degree program in Cyber Security responds to the growing need of experts in cyber security. This degree program is developed in order to provide students with skills and knowledge about the world of cybercrime, cyber security and threats, as well as a framework on how to secure and protect cyber assets. The program is comprised of compulsory courses and writing a master's thesis.


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