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Degree program of Industrial Technology Management offers masters’ students the following:

  1. Building on the knowledge gained in undergraduate studies as well as developing skills through research activities, aiming to produce professionals who will take leading roles in highly skilled industrial technology businesses
  2. Advanced learning, especially in the fields related to methodology of research in the industrial technology management, industrial entrepreneurship, industrial computing, managing exports and imports, strategic international business and company management and professional communication with clients and members of interdisciplinary teams
  3. Gaining knowledge in specific areas of application of industrial technology management, as well as expertise and skills required for employment in the field
  4. Efficient solving of expert problems using professional knowledge and skills, as well as critical and creative thinking; developing competences in the field of research of industrial technology management
  5. Employment opportunities in leading positions in public and private sectors of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in foreign goods and services companies, where these professions are held in high regard and are sought for


  1. Master's students will learn to function as industrial technology engineers within a diverse, multidisciplinary and multiethnic environment
  2. Master's students will learn and be ready to clearly describe and come up with solutions to various modern problems and challenges in industrial technology engineering
  3. Master's students will acquire skills to anticipate customer needs and creativity to come up with superior solutions to address these needs
  4. Master's students will gain comprehensive knowledge on legal and social business environments
  5. Master's students will learn to describe, conceive, design and recognize the means for improvement of systems and processes including energy, manufacturing, catering and information systems
  6. Master's students will learn traditional and modern tools, techniques and skills essential for practical work in industrial technology engineering; to conduct experiments and analyze and interpret data
  7. Master's students will learn how to develop, formulate and implement best potential solutions to complex problems and challenges in industrial technology engineering

Upon completion, masters students will acquire a diploma accredited in the USA, EU, Turkey and BiH, and will be excellent candidates for employment in industrial finance counseling, manufacturing, managing quality control and work in legislative bodies. They will be ready for leading positions in the field of technology and engineering, which reports an increasing demand for analytically oriented professionals that fully understand the correlation of business and technology. The program is an excellent choice for those who seek demanding jobs in agricultural engineering, biology and construction industries, as well as other fields of industry, energy and environment.


Industrial process management, technology management, legislative bodies, sales representatives, overseeing technology development projects, environment engineering, agriculture, textile, energy, arms industry, metal industry, engineering consulting firms, etc. Employment is possible locally, regionally and internationally.

Students who seek to enroll in the program must have a diploma from accredited four year undergraduate studies.

The title earned upon completion of all the courses and thesis defense is:

  1. Master of Industrial Technology Management


  1. American diploma
  2. U.S. accredited program
  3. New concept of education
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  6. Live stream classes
  1. Classes in English
  2. Local and International professors
  3. Low tuitions
  4. Career-oriented studies
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  6. Quality controlled lectures


Master's degree program of Industrial Technology Management prepares masters students for modern approach to development of global economy, defining processes of transition from an industrial to an innovation society, with affirmation of the economy of knowledge and information as a significant business resource. These processes emphasize the role of industrial technology management, efficient managing and application of scientific advances, where successfulness of economic subjects, organizations, institutions and public services is directly proportional to implementation of knowledge acquired in the field of industrial technology management as a strategic weapon in creation and implementation of highly competitive, innovative goods and services.


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