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Samir Rizvo

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Full Name Samir Rizvo
Date of Birth 20.11.1966.
E-mail srizvo@aubih.edu
Scientific Field General Law
1985 - 1991
Law Faculty
University of Sarajevo
1996 - 2002
Master of Political Sciences
University of Sarajevo
January 2014
Doctor of Sciences, International Law
American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina
2009 and 2014
International Visitors Leadership Program
US Department of State
1st June 2004 - present
Assistant Minister, Head of Sector for International Relations and European Integration
Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina
1st July 2004 - present
State Coordinator for combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Illegal Immigration
Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina
1st August 2001 - 31st May 2004
Legal Advisor
International Organization for Migration
1st August - 31st July 2001
Head of Crime Investigation Division
Ministry of Interior of Canton Sarajevo
1st July 1994 - 31st July 1996
Head of Police Station
Ministry of Internatl Affairs of Canton Sarajevo
1985 - 30th June 1994
Police Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, Detective
Ministry of Interior, Sarajevo Police Department
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