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The undergraduate degree program in Information Technology is a four-year program which consists of academic courses. The program offers students the following:

  1. Acquirement of knowledge in the field of information technology through survey of IT, computer logic and concepts, operating systems, programming, emerging IT applications, data mining, project management, network technology and management, database systems with web applications, data communications, systems analysis and design, management information systems, information security, wireless technology, global economy, management, e-commerce, engineering project analysis, visual programming
  2. Development of the ability to use the knowledge of fundamental IT sciences integrated with applied technical specialties
  3. Acquirement of qualification to adopt and apply fundamental concepts of information technology, components of computer systems, communication and net, data processing and presentation methods, as well as issues of IT influences on the society, security, privacy and ethics
  4. Development of skills for applying innovative solutions within the field of study, build scalable IT infrastructure, manage data and design systems
  5. Advancement and personal development in professional communication through extensive use of oral and written English
  6. Development of skills necessary in the application of logical, critical and creative solutions to problems which are faced on an everyday basis


  1. Students will develop the ability to successfully apply analytical techniques and problem-solving skills necessary to adapt to technological changes within the IT industry
  2. Students will develop skills for a computational perspective on problem-solving, designing systems and understanding human behavior
  3. Students will acquire knowledge and skills needed to independently install and manage personal web servers in a given (laboratory) environment by implementing proper safety measures
  4. Students will develop the ability to identify, formulate and solve technical problems, design and conduct experiments and analyze and interpret data
  5. Students will develop the ability to use computational methods, skills, services, computers and modern technical tools in engineering practice
  6. Students will acquire knowledge and skills about designing a system, component or process
  7. Students will develop creative ability for considering problems and challenges, as well as the ability for critical thinking
  8. Students are offered different concentration programs: Management Information Technology, Programming, Software Engineering, Web Programming and PHP Development, Network Administration, Linux Operating System Administration, JAVA Development Programming, Apple Development Programming, Android Development Programming, Microsoft Windows Phone Development and Cyber Security

Students who complete this program will gain a US, EU, Turkey and BiH accredited diploma. This undergraduate degree program in Information Technology offers students an exciting and meaningful career in different industries and businesses, including self-employment. Occupations in the field of technical-technological processes and disciplines are especially attractive because of the high possibilities of employment and a large number of jobs that require experts of such specialities. The degree program prepares students for technical and managerial jobs, primarily in software engineering and design, and development of computer networks. Organizations of all profiles, such as production companies, trading companies, state institutions, representatives of foreign companies, educational institutions, media, etc. need experts from the information technology area. Some of the specific titles that are often sought include: systems analysts, IT consultants, managers of database management, administrators of computer networks, web application developers and specialists for designing and improvement of the web, IT security specialists, IT specialists in a specific branch of industry, etc.


IT industry, technology, security, banking industry, health industry, telecommunications and network administration companies, business, entrepreneurship, e-business, etc. Employment is possible locally, regionally and internationally.

Enrolling students are required to have a four-year high school diploma or an international baccalaureate diploma.

The title acquired upon successful completion of all the courses:

  1. Bachelor engineer of Information Technology


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  2. U.S. accredited program
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Information Technology


The undergraduate degree program in Information Technology (IT) introduces students to the fundamental principles in IT, computer science and information system creating applied skills as the foundation for an entire career. The prevalent use of computers and digital technology has transformed the life of 21st century. Computer engineering and telecommunications occupy an important place in social and natural sciences, medicine, engineering and trade representing a crucial function in the competitive position of almost every organization. This degree program prepares students to use new technologies in development of enterprises, trade and science. The program consists of the study of computers and the programs that run on them as well as the creation of computer systems that satisfy individual and organizational needs. Information technology professionals create and manage business applications, websites, systems and the IT environment for organizations.


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