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Mujtaba Ali,
"My short stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of my most memorable experiences as a student at Northeastern University. The time our group spent in Bosnia Herzegovina was, simply put, amazing. I have never been so immediately or so strongly endeared to a location as I was to this country. Sarajevo's beauty and atmosphere would have been more than enough to justify spending our time there, let alone the amazing variety of people and places we went to see during our stay. There are countless memories I take with me from our time in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many come from the structured activities: meeting >President Izetbegovic, Jakob Finci's dry humor, the debate at Parliament, the beauty and tragedy of the Srebrenica procession - these are but a few. Many cherished moments also come from the time given to us to explore and learn on our own. Walking throughout Baščaršija for hours; sitting at cafes, talking to locals; and eating cevapi for the first time. The breathtaking views of Stari Most in Mostar, and the beautiful lodgings we enjoyed there. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the wonderful friends we made during our stay. The students and faculty from AUBiH were nothing but friendly to us, and went far, far out of their way to make us feel welcome and at home in Sarajevo. I cannot wait to return to Bosnia - hopefully as soon as this coming January - and to continue learning, exploring, and enjoying myself in the Balkans [Mujitaba was indeed able to return to Sarajevo for 6 months to take Bosnian/ Croatian/ Serbian language at AUBiH as well as intern at the Organized Crime And Corruption Reporting Project]."

student that visited Bosnia and AUBiH during summer of 2012 as part of Dialogue of Civilizations program at Northeastern University

Kelsey Aho,
"My experience in Bosnia has been shaped by the city's limitless hospitality. While, I have only been here a month and a half, I feel as if Sarajevo is my home. Making Tikvenica (pumpkin pie) with my host-family and getting coffee with a professor, are just a few ways of connecting with Sarajevo's traditions and culture. I could not be more excited to spend my entire academic year studying and interning in Bosnia!"

AUBiH Study Abroad Student 2013/2014

Denis J. Sullivan,
Professor of Political Science & International Affairs at Northeastern University,
Boston, USA

"AUBiH is the best possible resource for Americans studying in Bosnia, whether short term or long term. The administrators, faculty, staff, and students of AUBiH go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to making connections to the appropriate people to meet; learning first-hand about the complexities, diversity, and beauties of BiH; and simply enjoying all the great aspects of Bosnia-Herzegovina, beginning in Sarajevo and continuing throughout the country. I have worked closely with AUBiH for 4 years, and I look forward to continuing our partnership for many more to come."

Mwafaq Abu-shanab,
AUBiH Study Abroad Student 2010/2011

"The experience to live and study in BiH is priceless as you discover part of the world that is unbelievable, in every aspect of life. There is no part of the world where you see people survive with very little means whilst being happy about it. No one knows the secret of the magical fountain that always brings you back to the magical old town, which is perfect with its imperfections. The only feeling I had when I was about to leave BiH was nostalgia. The feeling of exasperation I felt from the simplicity of the people and the honesty of their smile is simply inspirational. If I had the opportunity to study and live in BiH again I would not think twice about going back."

Hannah Fillmore-Patrick,
AUBiH LLM Student 2011/2012

"I'm from the United States. I had never lived abroad before I began the master's program in International Law at AUBiH so, at first, I didn't know what to expect. Despite my reservations, studying in Bosnia-Herzegovina turned out to be the greatest adventure I've ever had! Not only did I learn from great Bosnian and American professors in the classroom, life outside the classroom challenged my worldview and taught me so much about the amazing diversity of culture this world holds. My year in Sarajevo is one I'll always cherish and one I wish I could relive over and over again!"

Anne Cunliffe,
Peace and Conflict Summer Program
2013 participant

"Without a doubt, the best part of my stay in Sarajevo was my internship. At first when I found out I would be working for the small local organization "Zasto Ne" I was disappointed to not have been placed in one of the big names such as the OSCE or IRI, but by the end of my stay I couldn't be happier. Working in such a small, intimate, relaxed setting I had endless opportunities to ask my coworkers questions and learn about the political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Additionally, instead of doing mindless office work I was honing my research skills doing interesting research on Freedom of Information laws in Europe."

Qendresa Selimi,
Peace and Conflict Summer Program 2013 participant

"In regards to the program, overall I really liked it and enjoyed my time here. The apartments were great with a great location. My internship was really interesting and I really enjoyed the people I worked for. The classes I thought were great, and for the most part the professors were as well. As I said before, Professor Predrag is really an amazing professor. Aside from that I want to say that AUBiH students have been absolutely amazing all summer in helping us with everything we need and I really appreciate it."

Branka Damjanović,
Peace and Conflict Summer Program 2013 participant

"It was my first time in Sarajevo and I have never fallen in love with a city faster! Our apartments were right in the Old Town and the people are so incredibly friendly. The professors teach in subjects they personally have experience in and it is material you would rarely find in the US so I would highly recommend this program because of its courses and accompanying excursions. For me, it was a beautiful way to spend two months of my summer and I will never forget my time there!"