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All travelers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic 4-8 weeks before departure.

Medications: In general, pharmacies are widely available and most common medications can be easily purchased. Students should bring their own supply of regularly taken prescription drugs and preventative medicines.


AUBiH Insurance: There is a mandatory health insurance fee for all Study Abroad and International Students at AUBiH. This is a country-wide requirement for all Bosnian universities. Study Abroad and International Students must pay the mandatory $100 fee before the semester commences. Before you leave, take notice! You can't assume your insurance will go with you when you travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's very important to find out BEFORE you leave your country whether or not your medical insurance will cover you overseas. You need to ask your insurance company two questions:

  1. Does my policy apply when I'm out of the United States (or whatever country you are from)?
  2. Will it cover emergencies like a trip to a foreign hospital or a medical evacuation?

In Bosnia and Herzegovina: Many doctors and hospitals still expect payment in cash at the time of services. Your regular U.S. health insurance may not cover doctor and hospital visits in other countries. However, a noninsured doctor or dental visit is considerably more affordable in Bosnia and Herzegovina than in America, typically around $25.00 for a check-up or basic appointment. Regardless, if your policy doesn't work for you when you travel here, it's a very good idea to take out another one for your trip.