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Study abroad in Sarajevo, one of Europe’s most vibrant and exciting cities with a long and rich history of religious and cultural diversity. American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) offers you an opportunity to visit Sarajevo and make the best of your stay, both academically and culturally. If you’re adventurous, enjoy traveling and exploring new cultures, then apply for our Summer Abroad Program.

During the eight weeks summer program, students get a chance to visit different sites and talk to professionals and experts in the field of study, in addition to taking courses and doing internship in relevant international and national organizations. Also, summer program include exciting excursions where students can enjoy the most beautiful parts of the country.

AUBiH offers Peace and Conflict Summer Program

The experience to live and study in BIH is priceless as you discover part of the world that is unbelievable, in every aspect of life. There is no part of the world where you see people survive with very little means whilst being happy about it. No one knows the secret of the magical fountain that always brings you back to the magical old town, which is perfect with its imperfections. The only feeling I had when I was about to leave BiH was nostalgia. The feeling of exasperation I felt from the simplicity of the people and the honesty of their smile is simply inspirational. If I had the opportunity to study and live in BIH again I would not think twice about going back.

The Huffington Post ranks Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) as one of the top 10 world’s most beautiful cities to visit in 2016/17. The New York Times describes Sarajevo as a beautiful, cosmopolitan, worldly city that will first enchant you with its physical beauty, but it is the people who will make you fall in love with it.

Throughout the history, Sarajevo has attracted worldwide attention several times: In 1914 it was the site of the assassination that sparked World War I, in 1984 it became the host city of the Winter Olympics, and in 1992-95 it became known as the location of the longest city siege in modern history. Having witnessed mankind’s capacity for violence, Sarajevo showed a remarkable capacity to recover. Nowadays, Sarajevo is cosmopolitan European capital with a unique Eastern twist that is delight to visit. People are very friendly and the city ranks as one of the safest in South Eastern Europe. A walk through streets of Sarajevo is a walk through past. From the oriental Ottoman quarters lined with sweet shops, café's and handicraft workshops, to the administrative and cultural center of Austro-Hungarian times, Sarajevo encompasses the very best of both worlds. It is often called “Jerusalem of Europe” due to its traditional religious diversity, with adherents of Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism coexisting there for centuries. Sarajevo stays in hearts of its visitors as a city of stunningly beautiful landscapes, unassuming human warmth, turbulent history, and clashes of religion and culture.

To learn more about Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and our programs, please view brochure or contact our admission counselor at studyabroad@aubih.edu.