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Student of International Finance, Avdo Halilović, founded the company for manufacturing disposable hygiene products, “Kimbly” based on its own patents.

Young inventor patented, disposable hygiene cover and holder for medical instruments.

Disposable hygiene cover is universally adaptable to every seat. It is made of hygienic, environmentally friendly and anti-allergic materials. The cover is 100% environmentally degradable, preventing any direct contact with the seat itself. It protects against transmission of microscopically visible particles and all other forms of diseases, bacterias, parasites and impurities from the seat to a man and vice versa. Besides its prevention purposes, it is also used to treat stress and break up clots, improve blood circulation, strengthen the metabolism, may heal certain diseases (in particular the elimination of thrombosis, toxins or other contaminants in the blood), remediate inflammation and promote faster healing of wounds. This is achieved by combining hydrophobic materials with charged ions and antibacterial composite chips.

Holder for drain, catheter, infusion and other containers, consists of several medical instruments serving to the patient to hold and deposit a drain, catheter, infusion and other receptacles, with freedom of hands and normal walking.