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Nedim Kulašin, student of Information Technology at AUBiH and his friend Armin Rikalo, began their innovative Startup Company “WORLD OF TAGS” (WOT), with their first patent called NFC Virtual Advertising Space®. It represents an interactive smartphone-pocket guide through the city with taking data from specially designed places. The main goal of WOT is to promote Sarajevo, as well as its tourist attractions. The same system is used for quick and easy navigation throughout the city, both for tourists and locals.

Its components provide a variety of content in a form of 3D virtual representation of an object, a photo gallery, contact information, offline navigation to every object, including the nearest bus and taxi station, and much more. The whole structure does not consume users 3G internet but uses powerful Wi-Fi "hotspot" (private internet) and NFC tags for easier filtering and opening the desired content.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a contactless, wireless, short-distance technology which connects two devices (smartphone and NFC tag) when they come close to each other (by 4 cm). The NFC tag triggers the smartphone to show all information about the client mentioned before with just one swipe of the device over a certain point.

The first six NFC Advertising Spaces® will be integrated in the city of Sarajevo by the 1 st of June.