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IRED is a multidisciplinary center that follows the latest trends in international relations and economic diplomacy in order to contribute to the faster development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. IRED organizes research, conferences, seminars and lectures which are attended by leaders and experts from the academic world as well as in the working world. The goal of IRED is to enable dialogue between experts in the field, and stimulate cooperation related to international affairs because it provides services and helps decision-makers in their work, and to ultimately encourage prosperity of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider community. One of the main tasks of IRED is to initiate and implement innovative research in the field of international relations and economic diplomacy. International economic relations and economic diplomacy are key aspects of the foreign policy of a state. Among other things, IRED offers consulting services to international organizations, government agencies and domestic and foreign companies. IRED has established a department for training where companies and individuals undergo specialized training to improve professional skills.