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20. January 16
10 years of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Employment of graduates remains one of AUBIH's primary goals.

Impressive employment rate of AUBiH graduates in local and international companies directly reflects the quality of education we provide.

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) proudly marks its 10th anniversary. AUBiH is a renowned higher education institution, whose diplomas are recognized in the USA, EU, Turkey, Australia as well as in Asia and Africa.

„Our university is multiethnic, career-oriented and promotes exchange of ideas and open interaction between teachers and students. Over the course of the past decade, thousands of AUBiH students have inherited the greatest American values, learned indispensable skills and earned much valued experience. Impressive employment rate of AUBiH graduates in local and international companies directly reflects the quality of education we provide.", pointed out Mr. Denis Prcic, the President of AUBiH.

As the only institution in Southeast Europe accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, Ministry of Education and the Department of Higher Education of the USA, Turkish National Accreditation Agency and HEA, AUBiH has made a great contribution to advancement of education in BiH.

„AUBiH has eight faculties and twenty labor market oriented study programs for all three cycles - undergraduate, master and doctorate/PhD. Apart from the traditional learning process, AUBiH also offers distance learning programs, allowing students from around the globe to attend classes and take exams. All lectures are recorded and uploaded to one of the most advanced Learning Management Systems.", added Mr. Prcic, president of AUBiH.

AUBiH provides students in BiH with the highest quality of education on English language, digitalization of learning systems and case study methods of learning that are up to date with the latest global education standards. This results in development of business skills that are held in high regard by domestic and international companies, state institutions and non-profit organizations. Additionally, AUBiH Career Development Center provides students with opportunities for mandatory internship during studies, as well as subsequent employment.

„AUBiH's openness for cooperation with other higher education institutions and scientific research institutes has resulted in numerous agreements on scientific and curricular cooperation with renowned domestic and global universities. Furthermore, AUBiH has ongoing partnerships with several state institutions and corporations,", added Mr. Prcic.

One of the primary goals of AUBiH in the future is employment of graduates, young and educated people, in BiH companies and institutions. AUBiH aims to contribute to the quality of education in BiH as well as develop globally competitive new products in its scientific research centers.