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29. May 17
Twenty-three Companies at AUBiH Job Fair

On Friday, May 26, 2017, a traditional Job Fair was held at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.The fair was organized by the Career Development Center (CDC), primarily for the students of the third and fourth year, in order to provide them with an opportunity to present themselves to potential employers.

The fair was attended by 23 companies, including NLB Bank, ProCredit Bank, Sberbank BH, UniCredit Bank, ASA Insurance, AtlantBH, Austrofon, Comtrade, Infobip, Mistral Technologies, Symphony, Zira, Automatic Service, GO-DA, Megamix, Penny Plus , Sisecam Soda Lukavac, Standard Furniture Factory, HR PRO Solutions, Kolektiv (Posao.ba), SOS Children's Village BiH (YES Center Youth Program), AIESEC BiH, Incubator of Social Innovations MUNJA.

In addition to the presentation, Job Fair provided employers with the opportunity to conduct "blitz" interviews with students, as well as to participate in a panel discussion on current needs of the job market.The students expressed their interest in the Job Fair and they were pleased to meet and talk with the representatives of the companies participating in the fair.

  • This job fair is a very positive event at our university because it offered us the opportunity to talk with the representatives of some of the largest companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The fair was also important because we practiced talking with real employers, and now we know how to communicate with people and companies we expect to provide us with career opportunities, said a student of the fourth year of the American School of Economics AdrijanKrstović.

The practice of introducing students to potential employers is an integral part of education at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it consists of organization of job fairs and workshops together with prominent companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • This job fair is a unique opportunity for students of the third and fourth year who are looking for careerand networking opportunities. American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina provides great support to students, helping them to findjobs and get their first contracts both during and after their studies. In addition to offering quality education, our universityis a great link between the students and Bosnian job market, which is a great advantage for young people and their professional progress, said a student of the fourth year of the Academy of Modern Arts Adnan Tiganj.


American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina was established 12 years ago. Since it was founded, it has been focused on implementing educational reforms in order to improveits students’ useful knowledge and society as a whole.

So far, more than 3.000 students have been awarded diplomas and certificates, and some of them work for the best domestic and global companies and institutions such as Google, Microsoft, Procter& Gamble, Facebook, the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bank, as well as many state institutions.