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24. April 09

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina donates 33 scholarships

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has secured an amount of over 1.5 million KM (around 1 million US dollars) out of its own funds, to be used for awarding four-year scholarships to the best high school students across Bosnia and Herzegovina. More precisely, the funds will cover 33 scholarships for high schools in the Federation of BiH and the Republika Srpska.

A million dollars for the American dream is a socially responsible project whose aim is to develop and further improve higher education in all of BiH, as well as the possibility of providing scholarships for the best of students, and the students with unfavorable material status. According to the project, a total of 33 schools will shortlist three high school graduates who will receive scholarships to study at AUBiH. These nominations must be verified by the respective school’s teacher council”, explains Denis Prcić, AUBiH President.

The basic criteria for awarding the scholarships include the academic results achieved in high school, command of English and the candidate’s financial status, while additional criteria are related to participation in various competitions or contests, special references, weak material status, and high school graduates without one or both parents. The final selection of one candidate from each of the 33 BiH schools will be made by AUBiH, after all the candidates have taken the entrance exam. The selected students will sign contracts with AUBiH at a special ceremony to be organized for this purpose, regulating their free four-year education at AUBiH.

AUBiH will carry out the final selection of students to be awarded the four-year scholarship no later than June 5th this year, and the results will be publicly announced, so that the students who did not get the scholarships can regularly apply for studying at AUBiH. On the occasion, William Montgomery, former US Ambassador and current member of the AUBiH Board of Trustees, says that he is a great scholarship programs supporter, because The Bucknell University scholarship enabled his education.

“This program will enable many talented students to realize their full potential which, perhaps, would not be possible if they did not have the scholarship”, says Montgomery stressing out that the campaign should be supported precisely because no one should be deprived of the opportunity to study because of lack of money.

The fact that the program covers all of BiH, and that AUBiH thus becomes one of the largest donors in the field of secondary education in BiH, in Montgomery’s words, is a sign that American University in BiH is a key component of the larger education system in BiH. To justify its role, AUBiH should be present in the territory of entire BiH, and have the support of all political parties. The scholarship program will help achieve this task and greatly contribute to the realization of business relations with a large number of other education institutions, both in the RS and FBiH.

“Awarding US diplomas in BiH helps the idea to have the best and most talented young people study in BiH, instead of receiving their education abroad, and most likely never returning to their country”, concludes William Montgomery, former US ambassador, currently a member of the AUBiH Board of Trustees.

Beside ambassador Montgomery, former US Ambassador and current member of the AUBiH Board of Trustees Ralph Johnson, complimented AUBiH for starting socially responsible campaign “Million dollars for the American dream”:

“The campaign led by American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, called “A million dollars for the American dream”, shows the University’s great efforts made into providing the young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the opportunity to receive education at the highest international level. I congratulate American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina on completing the task that will ensure that as many as possible young and qualified people get a chance to complete their higher education and receive an internationally-recognized diploma. I decided to become a member of the AUBiH Board of Trustees because the goal of this University is to provide top-quality education for all young people, regardless of their ethnic or religious background.

Johnson clearly states that he is happy, and not surprised, because of the fact that, in competition with other institutions of higher education, AUBiH now occupies first place when it comes to awarding the largest number of scholarships, which is yet another indicator of the great efforts invested by the University for the benefit of young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“It is my hope, and at the same time a goal that AUBiH has, for AUBiH to grow into a distinguished multiethnic education institution, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in the entire region. I am convinced that this university will be the instrument that will offer highly-qualified young people with their college diplomas to the state and the region, while at the same time helping Bosnia and Herzegovina reach economic power which, of course, is the foundation of a healthy society”, said Ralph Johnson, former US Ambassador and current member of the AUBiH Board of Trustees.

At this institution of higher education, students currently attending the College of International Finance and Banking, the College of Digital Economy and Information Technologies, and the College of International Law and Diplomacy in Tuzla and Sarajevo, will, in addition to receiving the AUBiH diploma, also receive the internationally-recognized diploma from the State University of New York (SUNY). Following the opening of the College of International Law in Banjaluka in March this year, AUBiH plans to open a College in Belgrade.