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9. April 09

AUBiH welcomes Ronald Hawkins, the culture and education attaché for the US Embassy in BiH

Yesterday within the Student Day, AUBiH was visited by Ronald Hawkins, the culture and education attaché for the US Embassy in BiH. On the occasion, AUBiH students from Tuzla and Sarajevo attended the lecture given by attaché Hawkins on the following topic: "America as an example for BiH: History, Diversity and Patriotism".

Stressing the importance of the recent inauguration of Barack Obama as the US President, Hawkins said that the change that America had been waiting for and building for centuries never comes quickly:

“United States is multicultural, multiethnic, and yet quite unique! The people are very proud of the diversity and find the strength in the diversity. Owing to the optimism and the faith that our current President Obama has inspired, our changes have happened. With that sort of attitude, I believe you too can do it”.

He illustrated the progress of USA by highlighting the example of Barack Obama, the first US President of African-American origin, stating that the segregation was a huge issue of concern for the USA only several decades ago. “During the times when the segregation was quite obvious, when African-Americans were treated as an inferior race, the change we are living today seemed beyond reach”, said Hawkins adding that Bosnians and Herzegovinians are lacking some hope and faith in the better tomorrow on their road to spiritual unity.

In addition to Mr. Hawkins, the students, professors and friends of the University were also addressed by Denis Prcić, AUBiH President: “We encourage such a position, regardless of all differences, in all of our students. We want to and we succeed in that they work and live in a united spirit. It is for that reason that we have achieved such great results in a short period of time. A positive mission such as ours removes all barriers”.
Commenting attaché Hawkins’ speech, Prcić stressed that the great changes in America have proven that a lot can be done if you have a positive approach and position.