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8. June 11

Second generation of graduates of American Univesity in BiH has been promoted in Sarajevo. At the concement ceremony, the diplomas have been awarded to the graduates of the College of Information Technology and College of International Finance and Banking.

Sixty six students of two faculties from Tuzla campus and campus addition from Sarajevo have been awarded of world recognized diploma of the American partner, State University of New York ( SUNY Canton ) and Bosnian and Herzegovinian diploma of American University in BiH.

The American diploma has been awarded by the president of SUNY Canton dr. Joseph L. Kennedy, while the BiH. diploma has been awarded by the provost of American University in BiH, prof. dr. Šefik Mulabegović.

Ambassador of USA in Bosnia and Herzgovina, H. E. Patrick Moon, congradulated the President of the American University in BiH Denis Prcic, for his efforts for making a new generation of leaders in BiH and for making the institution for higher education in BiH which has a great potential in contributing development of this young country . Ambassador Moon also congradulated to students for their hard work and he pointed the four rules: be passionate, accept a risk, question yourself, do something for your country.

„Look around you and learn from those with different views and from those of different culture.

I will ask you to stay at your home. You can spend a year by studyng or working in America, but than, come back to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Your country needs intelligent and independent people who are ready to take a risk, said Ambassador Moon. Under your leadership, with your intelligence and creativity, BiH will complete the promise and become sucessful , multi ethnic , democratic country which will be anchored into EU and NATO. But, we need your leadership.

„I am proud to each of you. I know that you will achieve a great success. I congratulate you and thank you once more for letting me participate at this ceremony,- concluded in his speech ambassador of United States of America in BiH, H. E. Patrick Moon.

President of American University in BiH, Denis Prcić highlighted that American University in BiH has made a great result in a very short time. Today, 5 years later, beside the campus in Tuzla, there are two learning centers in Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

In a very short time, AUBiH was recognized as a multi ethnic and respected institution with high standards of learning, in BiH as well as in region. It is very important, said Mr Prcic, that It is very important to highlight that AUBiH started in 2006 with one program and from this academic year, AUBiH offers 24 programs. 12 undergraduate, 8 graduate and 4 doctoral program. Beside development of AUBiH, we are starting scientific research institute . American University is expanding in the region through opening the American University in Belgrade and in Monte Negro, said a president of American University in BiH, Denis Prcic.

Team work between staff and faculty of AUBiH and the State University of New York could not be possible without the strong support of USA administration . Including friends of American University, former president Bill Clinton and the members of the senate , Sen. Carry , former Sen. Voinovic, Sen. Lugara, Sen. Shumera, Sen. Gilibrant, Sen. Kardina, I more than 150 friends and members of Congres, as well as friends from State Departmant including the secretary of State Hillary Clinton, deputy Jamesa Stajnberga, Stju Djonsa, Tomasa Kantrimen and others, said Prcic.

President Prcic specially recognized the members of American Embassy in Sarajevo who cooperate with us starting with Ambassador Patrick Moon, deputy Jonathan Moor, the chief of the office for public affairs Jeneth Miller, Director of USAID Alena Reed and many other staff from American Embassy in Sarajevo.

Dear parents, graduates. Thank you for your trust on behalf of American University .We gave our best to provide a high quality education. I strongly believe that graduates of AUBiH will know how to use it in a best way so they could contribute to their families and their society ., Also, to help in a process of integration of Bosnia into EU and NATO., said the president of American University in BiH, Denis Prcic.

By awarding the American diplomas, president of SUNY Canton dr. Joseph L. Kennedy gave the advice to graduates : " By awarding the American diplomas, president of SUNY Canton dr. Joseph L. Kennedy gave the advice to graduates : " Today, you are the new leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina – a new country in its own right. You will help develop your own system of government that is appropriate for all Bosnians – regardless of religious belief or ethnic background. You will be the leaders who help build a new economic system for Bosnia and will integrate Bosnia into the European and world economies. You will help determine the basic human rights and privileges that all Bosnians deserve.".

Prof. dr. Šefik Mulabegović, the provost of the American university in BiH-congratulated the graduates. professors, academic staff and parents by saying that- Today's economy and society as a whole are in a situation where they are unable to quickly and simply accept even the highly educated staff. On the other side due to competition the pressure is increasing. In such circumstances, young people must be armed with knowledge continually educate themselves, in short, they must strive for excellence. I wish you a successful further academic and professional career and I hope that the time you spent studying at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina will remain a part of your most beautiful memories from youth and that you will always consider University a place in which you have gained knowledge not only related to the scheduled curriculum, but a place that taught you how to study and how to become successful., concluded prof.dr. Sefik Mulabegovic, provost of AUBiH.