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6. September 10


Mr. Johnatan Moore in the capacity of the US Ambassador, President Dr. Joseph L. Kennedy, John Dutch Summers, an American industrialist and a great friend of the AUBiH, and Ambassador Mr. Clifford Bond, the AUBiH Vice-President of International Affairs delivered addressed AUBiH graduates.


Dubravko Martinović is the best AUBiH graduate generation 2010

The William Jefferson Clinton, a former US President congratulated AUBiH graduates through video message. In his message to AUBiH graduates and management, former President Clinton said they should be proud of their achievements.

"The education you received here enables you to live your dreams, but also ask you to do more. You are the generation that will lead Bosnia and Herzegovina into Europe and help to make dreams of so many of your compatriots come true", stated former U.S. President, William Jefferson Clinton.

Addressing AUBiH graduates, guests and management, Mr. Johnatan Moore said “Whatever you choose, find a way to help your country. As the first AUBiH graduate look for the possibility to find your place in the community, whether it be municipality, county, entity and country. Look for ways to help BiH enter the EU and Euro-Atlantic integrations. Joining these institutions, you may secure security and well-being of your country.“

President Denis Prcic, said that AUBiH was his vision and one of his life goals dating back to the time when he studied in America. His vision was supported by SUNY, American industrialist and reasonable politicians in Tuzla and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"We will always be here for you to help you build your careers, and we hope that you will always be here to help your future colleagues. This is the American model. The entire world is in your hands. Your two degrees, Bosnian and American will be of extreme help to you and to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of you are afraid, but I want to assure you that a bright future is waiting for you", said Mr. Prcic.

Ambassador Clifford Bond, the Vice-President for International Affairs delivered his speech to the guests. “This ceremony confirms that you are truly looking for knowledge, the quest which lasts the whole life. Throughout your lives, you should stay in contact with your fellow graduates but also with other AUBiH students. Together with these students you build a net which will help you build your careers and in your efforts to create better Bosnia and Herzegovina", said Mr. Clifford Bond.

Along with Mr. Bond, Dr. Joseph L. Kennedy, the SUNY Canton President addressed students as well. “We give honor to the achievements of the first 18 AUBiH graduates who paved the way for tens if not hundreds of those who will follow in their steps. These 18 students took an enormous risk – they risked their money, 4 years of their lives to be a part of a new idea – the idea Mr. Prcic advocated and SUNY supported – higher education in BiH based on the American system of higher education. Well, I came to tell you that your risk paid off – i believe that many of you still do not believe it. I am sure that many of you were wondering if you would ever appear on this stage and see me in Bosnia and Herzegovina; whether you will be the owners of not one but two university diplomas. You better pinch yourself, because we are here – and this is real.....I expect many things from you, and we know you will live up to our expectations,“ said Dr. Kennedy.

Dubravko Martinović and Darjan Divković, AUBiH students with extraordinary students success received special academic honours.

Dr. Šefik Mulabegović delivered Bosnian degrees to the first AUBiH graduates. “I believe this is an important day in lives of these students. They achieved an important life goal which will offer new chances and possibilities for successful business and academic careers. This ceremony proves that the AUBiH successfully overcame the foundation difficulties and achieved a point which makes it possible to move further and pursue new ambitious projects for affirmation and development,“ said Dr. Mulabegović.

The ceremony was attended by the AUBiH students and their parents, VIPs, representatives of BiH companies, representatives of International organizations as well as many other guests.

AUBiH awarded honors to guests from the USA and BiH who unselfishly contributed to the development of the AUBiH in the past years.

You invested your time and youth, your family finances and achieved something which was considered impossible by many in this country. You laid foundations for future students. You will become future leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina,“ emphasized Mr. John D. Summers, a great supporter of the AUBiH.