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5. March 09


The ceremony of raising the flag of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina was held in Banja Luka earlier today. The ceremony was organized in view of the signing of the partnership agreement with the company “Glas Srpski”, concerning the founding of the College of International Law in Banja Luka.

On the occasion of opening the College which is located on the premises of “Glas srpski”, the flags of the United States of America and Bosnia and Herzegovina were raised by William Montgomery, the former US ambassador to Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia, and Željko Kopanja, the director of “Nezavisne novine” and a member of the AUBiH Board of Trustees. The flag of the Republika Srpska was raised by the RS President, Rajko Kuzmanovic, while the flag of American University in BiH was raised by the AUBiH President, Denis Prcic. 
Also in attendance were the Minister of Education and Culture in the RS government, Anton Kasipovic, President of the RS National Assembly, Igor Radojcic and the Mayor of Banja Luka, Dragoljub Davidovic.

“The opening of the College of International Law will have a positive impact on the economy of the city of Banja Luka, bearing in mind that it will keep the candidates from this municipality here, and at the same time attract many young people from the whole region to come and study at AUBiH. AUBiH decided to take this step in order to meet the requirements of the population coming from the Banja Luka region, as well as the wider region, wishing to study at a distinguished institution of higher education that is oriented towards career-building. I would like to highlight that the students remain with their families throughout their studies and that they do not have to go outside their own country to get the skills and knowledge offered by the American education system”, said the AUBiH President, Denis Prcic.

The lectures at this university are exclusively in English, the global language of business and diplomacy. Students with high school command of English may enroll. However, AUBiH determines the level of their command of English, and, for the purposes of further mastering the English language, we provide free courses of English through our School of English.

In the three years of its work, AUBiH has set new standards in the field of higher education in BiH, justified the support it has received from the American diplomats, and showed that the American dream is possible in our country. At this education institution, at the College of International Finance and Banking, the College of Digital Economy and Information Technology and the College of International Law and Diplomacy in Tuzla and Sarajevo, there are currently 250 students who will, in addition to receiving the AUBiH diploma, also receive the globally-recognized diploma from the State University of New York (SUNY). Following the opening of the College in Banja Luka, AUBiH is planning on opening the University in Belgrade and Zagreb.