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19. June 19
Future Pilots Visited Sarajevo Airport

Within the Agreement on Cooperation between the Glide Flight Academy and American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), signed at the end of December 2018, professors of the National Security Academy (NSA) and first generation of Aeronautics students visited Glide Flight Academy and the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina at Sarajevo International Airport on June 11, 2019.

Milan Marković and Irfan Habibović, Glide Flight Academy instructors, and NSA professors Brane Janković and Dževad Burić, retired brigadiers, introduced students with the basic characteristics and capabilities of CESSNA 172 aircrafts, which are planned to be used for basic flight training for NSA students.

During the visit, NSA students had the opportunity to talk with the flight instructors and officers of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they also got acquainted with parts of CESSNA 172. In addition, based on the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom, students practiced the pre-flight procedure, and thus completed the process of learning the procedures that comprise the mandatory preparation for the flight.