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25. January 19
Rector Đonlagić: Lifetime Achievement Award

The 74th selection of the most successful athletes and sports teams, organized by the Sports Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was held in the National Theater in Sarajevo tonight. The most successful athletes in 2018 were judoka Larisa Ceric, athlete Mesud Pezer and karateka Ivan Klepić. Edin Džeko was declared the best soccer player, and our soccer team won the title of the most successful national team in 2018. The prize for sports journalism "Boro Glušac" was awarded to Goran Šumar, Vedran Radenović, Salih Hadžialić and Midhat Sarajlić.

Muhidin Nikšić, Dževad Junuzović, Nasiha Selimović, and Mirsad Đonlagić, Rector of the American University of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), received awards for lifetime achievement in sports, while Suad Ćupina and Sabit Hadžić received the same award posthumously.

- We have invested a lot of efforts to preserve the sports tradition in BiH, but also to enable our athletes to participate in some of the most important competitions around the world. Education and basketball have marked my life, and all these young and successful athletes we have seen tonight are proof that we did not spend our time in vain.We, sports veterans, have laid the foundations of our sports, and I expect new generations to continue where we stopped, regardless of the challenges they are facing.This award does not mean that my job is done; on the contrary, I will work even harder to create better conditions for affirmation of young people both in sports and education - said Rector Đonlagić.


Mirsad Đonlagić (71) holds a PhD degree from the University of Belgrade, University of Zagreb, and University of Southampton in England. He was a longtime professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla, as well as a Vice-Rector for International Relations of the University of Tuzla. Đonlagić is a member of the governing board of the Basketball Federation of BiH, the European Basketball Federation (FIBA Europe) and the president of the World FIBA Competition Commission. He was a member of the Parliament of the Federation of BiH and the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH. Since 2018, Đonlagić has been a Rector of the American University of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH).