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31. July 09

During a visit by Nancy Zimpher, Chancellor of the State University of New York (SUNY) to SUNY Canton, the students of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently spending the summer semester on SUNY Campus had the honor of meeting the Chairwoman of the highest SUNY management body.

At the very beginning of her term, Chancellor Zimpher committed herself to visiting all 64 SUNY campuses within her first 100 days as SUNY Chancellor, in order to meet the students, the administration, as well as the local community leaders, with an aim to creating a strategic plan for SUNY development at the global level.

Chancellor Zimpher started her tour of the campus on June 1st, 2009www.suny.edu, and arrived in SUNY Canton on July 27th, where she met our students, among others www.watertowndailytimes.com. Over lunch and an informal afternoon get-together, AUBiH students had the opportunity of meeting and talking with the 12th Chancellor and the first woman to be named chancellor in the history of SUNY. Senka Rešić, a third year student took the opportunity of talking with Chancellor Zimpher and SUNY Canton President Dr. Joseph Kennedy to draw a parallel and stress the advantages of studying at AUBiH, adding that SUNY curricula are fully and consistently implemented at the colleges and campuses within American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to Chancellor Zimpher, future SUNY activities will be founded on the implementation of original ideas that will be of vital importance for the economic development of this largest system of education in the USA. At the very beginning, the idea of investing into international marketing under the leadership of Nancy Zimpher, may find fruitful ground.

“Our competition is probably not even in the United States. We must compete for higher education positioning around the globe. To do that, SUNY, the system as a whole, needs to be greater than the sum of the parts. Only through cooperation can we make SUNY the best model of a higher education system for the American nation, and the whole world”, said Chancellor Zimpher in a statement she gave to US mediawww.news10now.com.

Prior to her five-year-long term as Head of SUNY, Nancy Zimpher was President of the University of Cincinnati, and Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin www.suny.edu.