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12. July 14
AUBiH students received US accredited diplomas

On Saturday, July 12 2014, graduation ceremony was held for the students of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH). Diplomas were awarded to graduates students of International Finance, International Law and Information Technologies, while Masters of Business Administration and Masters of International and European Public Law were promoted as well.

In a special massage the graduates were addressed by Nicholas M. Hill, Charge d'Affaires at the American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who emphasized: "I am optimistic, based on the young people I have met while traveling in this country, that the citizens of BiH are increasingly disgusted with ethnic politics and the unaccountable system that etnic politics have helped to create. This is a beautiful country, with a breathtaking landscape, populated by clever, hardworking, and I may add witty people. There is so often a forlorn quality to the people I have met, owing to their own difficult experiences, but I am also so often impresses by their honesty and genuineness."

Complete speech of Nicholas M. Hill, Charge d'Affaires at the American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina you can read here: http://bosnian.sarajevo.usembassy.gov/govori_20140712.html Mr. Esmir Ganic, president of AUBiH, stated: "My message to you all today is to take responsibility in whatever you do in life, to get involved with society so that the socio-economical system. Everyone on its own way can contribute, no matter how little the contribution is, in making the environment we live in advance, and the success of our accomplishments will transcend on our community. You all have to strive to become leaders of socio-economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina."

Prof. dr. Sadik Latifagić, handed out diplomas and congratulated students and their parents on completing one of the most vital parts of their lives, wishing them all the best in future academic and work careers. He especially addressed students suggesting that their knowledge and academic success as well as their youth must be stronger than any obstacle that life throws at them. They have to be very persistent because that is the only way of making this world a better place to live. He also mentioned that he was happy to know for educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina that AUBiH offers, and that ten years from now we can expect significant changes in society leading towards brighter future.

Ms. Svjetlana Vasiljevic, best student of generation 2010 – 2014 stated: "I didn't have doubts and, like my dear fellow students I chose this university. And for the past four years we gained quality education, acquired knowledge, researched and expanded our view on the world. With our sacrifices, hard work and with knowledge and experience of our distinguished professors we are here today. As result of many challenges we met through our studies, today we are here as strong, ready and mature people."