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19. May 11

This year American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBIH) is investing, from its own resources, 3 million dollars for the students’ scholarships enabling financing new students in accordance with adopted criteria.

Students who enroll the school year 2011/2012, according to their individual achievements, are going to equally participate in the scholarship process. In this way, they are going to reduce the study costs at AUBiH. Both achievements of their previous education (high school or faculty for their master study) and their knowledge at a qualifying examination are going to be marked.

The future AUBiH students will have an opportunity to get one of three categories of the scholarship for the school year 2011/2012 depending on whether they want to acquire two diplomas – Bosnian AUBiH diploma and internationally recognized American SUNY diploma, or only AUBiH diploma. Studying at the prestigious university with acquiring AUBiH diploma is possible at annual level starting with 120 € monthly; while studying at AUBiH with acquiring two diplomas is possible at annual level starting with 250€ monthly.

Following the same principles, scholarships are going to be awarded for the master studies at AUBiH, which are going to be included into the AUBiH curriculum from the school year 2011/2012. Acquiring the diploma for the master study and diploma for doctoral study is possible by starting with 230€ and 270€ respectively.

“We are investing in young people education who deserve more prosperous future. Our decision, made two years ago, to allocate 1 million dollars, as a part of the campaign “Million dollars for American dream”, for financing talented students has already given extraordinary results. We have decided to triple the scholarship fund in order to give an opportunity to as many students as possible from all parts of BiH. It is after our decision to invest 3 million dollars for scholarships that American system of education, American and Bosnian professors, lectures in English language as well as the opportunity to acquire two diplomas will become for many young people realization of their dreams, reality and chance for an individual and professional success”, emphasizes Denis Prcic, the AUBiH president.

Social benefit of this act for development of BiH and region is the main focus as AUBiH strives for the studying costs at the University to be within possibilities of our potential students throughout the region, and also with the aim that costs of university education are accessible to our potential students of various socio economical statuses.

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) was founded in 2005, in partnership with State University of New York (Canton). AUBiH curriculum is based on the American liberal system of education with undergraduate, master and doctoral studies applying all the principles of the Bologna process. AUBiH is based on American system of education, and the curriculum is in accordance with SUNY. In accordance with the mission to the University, our goal is to offer quality university education throughout the region following educational trends in economy, business affairs, technology and art. The first generation of the students graduated from AUBiH last year and they received two diplomas, Bosnian AUBiH diploma and American SUNY diploma. Almost 500 students are currently studying at AUBiH.