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13. April 16
Awarded an Honorary Doctorate to General James Adkins (ret.)

Sarajevo, April 13, 2016. in the Army Hall, American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) awarded Honorary Doctorate to General James A. Adkins (ret.) for his outstanding and remarkable contribution to development of better relations between National Guard of Maryland, State of Maryland, and the United States of America on one side and Military Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, institutions and people of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the other side, during his mandate as the Adjutant General of Maryland.

AUBiH recognized General James A. Adkins (ret.) for his lifelong social engagement, during which he made a huge contribution to education, health care, the energy sector and other areas.

The ceremony, on the occasion to award an Honorary Doctorate to General James Allen Adkins (ret.), was organized in coordination with Ministry of Defense of BiH in the presence of representatives of relevant political, diplomatic, military, public and educational representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The welcoming speech, was delivered by Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mrs. Marina Pendeš where she stated: „United States were and remain a strategic partner number one to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of defense. Maryland is our sister state. We are proud of our 13-years of cooperation and believe in the future support and commitment in developing relationships that will, in the end, result with the entry of Bosnia and Herzegovina in NATO and the European Union.“

After that the audience was addressed by the U.S. Ambassador to BiH H.E. Moureen Cormack adding that she knew General Adkins for long time, and that she is very glad that General received, well-deserved, honorary doctorate as a reward for his overall contribution to BiH.

President of AUBiH, Mr. Denis Prcić, in his remarks mentioned that AUBiH recognized General Adkins for his contribution to the program of cooperation between the Ministry of Defense of BiH and Armed Forces of BiH and the National Guard of Maryland, especially during his mandate from 2008 to 2015, through program military to military, and other programs that are reflected through cooperation and activities military to civilians and civilians to civilians.

After receiving the award General James A. Adkins (ret.) addressed the audience at the Ceremony, stressed: “That the partnership with Armed Forces of BiH is one of the best. We are proud to call them partners and friends. It has been my honor to walk the path toward NATO membership with the Armed Forces of BiH. Your soldiers have served with distinction shoulder to shoulder with my soldiers in combat. My love for your country, its people and its natural beauty, will endure for the rest of my life.„