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14. September 09

RS Ministry of Education and Culture provides its green light for enrolment of first generation of students in academic year 2009/2010

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), as the founder of the College of International Law in Banjaluka, has officially received the work license on the basis of the decision issued by the Republika Srpska Ministry of Education and Culture. The report produced by the RS Licensing Commission states that the College has met all the requirements for enrolment of its first generation of students at the College of International Law in the academic year 2009/2010.

"Since the founding of the College, we have given our utmost to meet all legal requirements and have developed with the tendency of confidence-building. I must admit that it is only due to hard work and extra efforts that we managed to overcome all the obstacles, and that we are continuing to do our best in order to fully meet our objectives", said Denis Prcic, AUBiH President.

Mr. Prcic believes that the great interest in studying at AUBiH originates in some of the advantages AUBiH has arranged in partnership with the State University of New York (SUNY), such as providing its students with the internationally-recognized SUNY diploma and the Bosnian-Herzegovinian AUBiH diploma. In addition, the lectures are exclusively in English, all professors come form the USA, and, according to the curriculum, AUBiH students also get to spend one semester at the State University of New York, besides the internship they do in New York and BiH. All of the advantages AUBiH students have are also guaranteed for all students attending colleges founded by AUBiH.

One semester in New York

In early August, students attending American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) completed their visit to the United States of America, on which occasion they had one-semester lectures at SUNY. During their stay in the USA, AUBiH students met all the requirements and criteria set before them by the program of the educational visit to the partner SUNY Canton. In addition to their regular lectures, AUBiH students also visited the Niagara Falls, and many other historical and cultural sites. They also had the honor of meeting some of the most successful US businessmen who briefed them on how to get to the realization and development of an entire project starting from the very project idea using the examples of the so-called small business investments.

Denis Prcic, AUBiH President, says that American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has proven that it does its best to ensure top quality education in cooperation with its partner SUNY Canton, thus keeping all of its promises given to its students at the beginning of their studies.